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Legoland discounts????????

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Hulababy · 24/05/2004 17:08

Does anyone know of any?

We are planning on going to Legoland on Friday 16th July. There will be me and DH, 2yo DD (who is free anyway) and possibly one other adult friend with us.

Just wondered if anyone knew of any way we can get cheaper tickets?

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nikcola · 24/05/2004 17:14

sorry to but in but have you been bofore cause im thinking of takind dd on sat? is it good?

Crunchie · 24/05/2004 17:15

I went this saturday and got £5 off every ticket from daysoutuk (or something like that) do a search on mumsnet and someone posted the address.

Orsince you have time, have you got loads of Tesco vouchers or Airmiles? Both can be used to get free tickets. 250 airmile per adult.

Have you been before?

Personally I didn't rate it TBH. We went with a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old, the 3 yr old couldn't go on a few rides as she was too small, but I didn't think it was upto much. We go to the zoo in colchester all the time and they love it, the playgrounds are better! I felt it was far too expensive, there was little/no real 'magic' which was what I expected and I was a bit dissapointed. For adults you will be bored and your DD won't appreciate it. I would go somewhere there is good rides for you and your DH and friend. Thorpe park/chessington also have some small stuff which your dd will like, but otherwise I would say don't waste your money, particulaly on a 2 yr old who won't care

Sorry I am sure others will disagree, but at £20 odd a head I would go to a zoo.

Hulababy · 24/05/2004 17:19

We don't have a Tescos card or airmiles

I will look at that site though.

Not been before but we are going on recomendations from others who did enjoy it and thought our DD would do too. So we will just have to see what we think I guess - I will remember to report back.

We have taken to lots of other places which she has loved (including zoo - was her birthday treat in April too last time) so fingers crossed this'll be good for her too.

Cost does seem quite expensive but then isn't everywhere nowadays!?! We have just paid out £660 on Disney tickets this month for the summer - and DD is free there too!!!

OP posts:
fairynuf · 24/05/2004 17:57

Yes! I can get some for you at work tomorrow, there was some in the union magazine, all you had to do was book in advance and take the magazine with you. I'll get it at work tomorrow and e mail you tomorrow night.

We went when dd was 7 and ds1 was 3, ds2 was a bump and it was great apart from Simon and Yasmin le bon going first all the time as 'special guests' grrrrrrr

Hulababy · 24/05/2004 17:58

That sounds great fairynuf

OP posts:
fairynuf · 24/05/2004 17:58

Nickola, just seen your post - will try and get a mag to you as well if you would like - if you wnat I can phone you with the details so that you can book in advance.

Anyone else?

fairynuf · 24/05/2004 17:59

as long as the le bons aren't there!!!

Hulababy · 24/05/2004 18:00

fairynuf - my direct e-mail address is claireandrich(at)beeb(dot)net Thank you so much

OP posts:
bluestar · 25/05/2004 09:31

Hulababy, just to say that we took ds (aged 18 mths) along with another small child, bit younger than my ds, a couple of years ago and they absolutely loved it. Ok there is not much for adults but we went for the kids and we all had a great day. It was very sunny too which helped!

miranda2 · 25/05/2004 09:33

I anyone else is interested, the muller fruit corner minis 8 packs have an offer on them for days out which includes legoland - one child free with an adult when you buy 2 packs. valid at lots of other places too, often one adult free not just a child (eg all english heritage sites).

fairynuf · 25/05/2004 16:36

Hulabay, I have e mailed you. I have five of these magazines, and I was wrong, you dont have to book in advance, just turn up on the day with it, so if anyone else wants one send me your details and I'll post one on to you.

Hulababy · 25/05/2004 17:46

I haven't recieved your e-mail fairynuf! Can you redo it please - sorry?

OP posts:
fairynuf · 25/05/2004 20:23

Hula, I have tried contact another talker as well, once I saw your e mail address I thought that I had your address in my inbox from my former life as lilibet, but I must have deleted it. If you still have mine, get in touch with your address.

Hulababy · 25/05/2004 20:27

OK, I don't have yours I'm afraid - I usually delete them all once finished with! Realising recently that this isn't a good idea. I still haven't recieved a message but I know my e-mail is rubbish at times. I will look out for it though!

OP posts:
Hulababy · 30/05/2004 11:27

Recieved your magazine fairynuf. Thanks so much, it'll save us a fortune

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