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South of France, Nice, kiddie-friendly things to do, places to eat?

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cocococo · 23/05/2004 20:49

Just booked a fortnight in the South of France (Vence, 15 minutes from Nice)and wondering if anyone has suggestions on good places to eat or fun things to do with a 2yo? Thanks

OP posts:
cocococo · 28/05/2004 18:09

No-one been to South of France then?

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 28/05/2004 18:16

I've been to Cassis (which I think is nearer to Marseille). If its close to you (and I'm not sure if it is) - its well worth a visit. Lovely beach and a panoramic drive through something called the Calanques and lovely seafood restaurants on the harbour.

I didn't have kids when we went so I can't think of anything child friendly.

Sorry I can't really help. I'm sure someone can!

kalex · 28/05/2004 18:49

Never been to france but thought I would bump

Beccles · 29/05/2004 10:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

mammya · 29/05/2004 10:19

Marineland in Antibes is really good, it's got a tank with sharks, a show with killer whales, another one with dolphins and seals, an aquarium with tropical fish. There's also a little farm, a mini-golf, and a swimming pool park, one with lots of flumes and things. I was there at Easter with my 3 year old, the swimming complex was closed but we went to the marine park and the farm, it took almost the whole day and everybody had fun. The tickets are valid for 2 days so it's quite good value and there are several places to eat. Hope you have a good time.

Earlybird · 15/05/2011 03:55

Thought I'd revive this ancient thread as I would love to hear suggestions. DD and I are headed there this summer, so trying to do a bit of research in advance.

Any good tips?

LeMousquetaireAnonyme · 15/05/2011 05:10

Early where are you heading? south is very big... If you give us a region or a departement it will be easier to advise you.

In the mean time, can you read french?
some ideas

How old is your DD?
There is plenty of roman ruins/villages, medieval castel, prehistoric caves that children likes to visit. Fun parks, zoos, water play, lots of sports and different sceneries (mountains, beaches, countries, gorges, volcanoes...)

GnomeDePlume · 15/05/2011 13:22

Top tip for eating out with children is to eat out at lunchtime and if possible eat outside. Both will reduce the stress.

Glanum (roman ruins) outside of St Remy de Provence is worth a visit.

Places like Nimes (and many other cities) are great to go around in the tourist trains - check at local tourist information offices for details. Great with small children as they enjoy the ride and you get to see the sights.

We limit trips out to 1/2 day, starting early with the promise of the pool in the afternoon.

Caves can be hard work with very small children but great when the children are older and enjoy spookiness

Earlybird · 15/05/2011 14:34

Thanks for the suggestions.

We will fly into Nice, and then drive to a small village called Tourrettes-sur-loup where friends have rented a villa (and invited us along - lucky us). I'm not sure where it is exactly but think it is in the mountains between Nice and Cannes. Does anyone know it, or the area? If so, your recommendations would be much appreciated.

We plan to be there at the end of June, so hopefully not at the height of the holiday season. Am hoping (perhaps naively) that traffic won't be absolutely abominable that early in the season.

LeMousquetaireAnonyme · 15/05/2011 15:09

for nice
for cannes

a trip to monaco, menton and italy is probably a must too.
a one to the alpes.
there is a perfume museum and factories you can visit in Grasse and a canyon call gorges du loup.
The beaches are probably better around antibes- juan les pins
for kids the site is only in french but quite straight forward to look at the activities

good holidays

GnomeDePlume · 15/05/2011 18:02

If you are in the mountains then do make sure you have some jumpers etc. We stayed in Castellane last year in the height of the summer but it wasnt warm enough to eat breakfast outside. The couriers told us that they hadnt been able to get to the site on time as it was waist deep in snow - in May!

LeMousquetaireAnonyme · 16/05/2011 10:26

Gnome I love your name! Grin Are you a very short writer then?
oops sorry OP.

LevantineLass · 16/05/2011 11:21

Hi Earlybird
We holiday very near Tourrettes sur Loup every year and it's such a gorgeous part of the world. If I were you I'd avoid the coast at that time of year - terrible traffic along the coastal roads. And enjoy the hinterland, or l'arriere-pays as they call it. The Lac de St Cassien is lovely and you can do lots of sailing, windsurfing, pedallos etc. And the villages are just so gorgeous - visit Seillans (where I got married!) and Bargemon - two lovely villages. Tourrettes sur loup also has a famous sweet factory, the Confiserie Florian, which is fun to visit. And of course, don't forget all the wonderful local markets. Have fun!

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