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DD has DP surname - Will US immigration be a pain?

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Jasmum · 20/05/2004 12:59


I'm due to travel to the US with DD who's 20mths next week. She has DP's surname & he's not coming with us - am I likely to have questions/problems at immigration.
I was going to take a copy of her birth certificate just in case but wondered if anyone had experienced any problems.

OP posts:
loujay · 20/05/2004 13:15

It shouldnt be a problem as long as you have birth certificate with you, however I would advise sticking to the bare essentials when answering questions and dont make any jokes!!
I went to the states when dd was 6 months old but her passport picture was taken when she was 3 months old!! after the guy looked at her a couple of times comparing her to the picture i said 'it is the same baby' (not funny over there)
Have a fab time, once you're in they cant do enough for babes

marialuisa · 20/05/2004 13:31

We had fun at Newark a couple of weeks ago because i have DH's double-barrelled surname but DD only has the second part of it as her surname. We didn't get taken off into the little rooms but it was a close run thing! Personally I would take a copy of her birth certificate just to speed things up.

Mind you we caused a security alert on the way back so I would be extra cautious.....

maomao · 20/05/2004 13:45

Hi Jasmum,

Definitely bring her birth certificate. You may also want to bring a note from your DP that states that he's aware that you and DD are travelling out of the country, etc. Sounds silly, I know, but my sister ran into a problem (in the States) and was told she should have a note in the future if she was travelling with the boys and without the father.

SofiaAmes · 21/05/2004 00:46

I'm assuming you are not american. If not you should definitely travel with copy of birth certificate AND a letter from your dp stating that you are allowed to travel with your dd. I know several people who have had trouble. I have never had any trouble at all travelling there with dd and ds who have dh's last name, but I (and dd and ds) am american so I probably get scrutinized less.

expatkat · 21/05/2004 07:31

Yes, bring her birth certificate and maybe a letter just to be safe, but by way of reassurance, I've made that journey countless times and have never run into a problem with immigration even though my children & I have different surnames. Thank goodness, too, because I've never thought to bring a copy of a birth certificate or a letter.

expatkat · 21/05/2004 07:32

Oh--just saw sofia's post. So don't go by my experience because I'm American and, as she says, we probably get scrutinized less.

gloworm · 21/05/2004 10:54

i took ds to america last year (he does hot have my surname) and we had no problems. they just looked at his passport and made no comment (apart from googling at him ).
just to be on the safe side I took ds passport, copy of birth cert and letter from dh.

KateandtheGirls · 21/05/2004 12:14

I totally agree that it will be a good idea to take the birth certificate and a letter, even if you don't need them Better safe than sorry.

My daughters do have my last name, but they're still a bit cautious with me, as I have a British passport and theirs are American, and I travel by myself with them.

maomao · 21/05/2004 12:46

Actually, my sister has run into problems, twice, and she IS American. Definitely go with the letter too....

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