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DH is 40, September 1st 2003, suggestions for holiday please?

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Rhiannon · 06/05/2002 22:14

DH will be 40 on 1st Sept next year. We would like to book a trip away with DS (8) and DD (4 nearly 5). We will need to avoid the Caribbean and Florida as it is hurricane season. We don't want to fly for more than 10 hours or so and could go for up to 2 weeks. It would need to be 70-80 degrees to keep me happy!

Must admit we are not up to touring ruins, ballet, theatre or classical music (sad I know).

We will have the kids in tow and would like to do something special on the day that would involve us all.

DH loves golf and his beloved Arsenal (we are the champions!!)

I know I can really on you guys! R

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 06/05/2002 22:51

How about California. (being californian I am a bit partial) The weather will be beautiful. In Los Angeles there are lots of golf courses. And of course there is Univeral City and Disneyland for the kids. The flight is 11 hours which really isn't too bad (I do it several times a year with my baby and without my husband). You can drive up the coast to San Francisco which can also be great fun for the kids and adults alike. You could also drive to Las Vegas/Joshua Tree/Death Valley. Plenty of fun and sun to be had by all. And you'll find that it's really not that expensive.

batey · 07/05/2002 07:59

I can vouch for San Francisco too, loved it. Especialy Giradellis Chocolate Factory!. Oo and Pier 39, lots of shops and sea lions!!

Rhiannon · 07/05/2002 10:35

We were talking about California last night as he's keen to play golf at Pebble Beach and that would be a treat as apparently it's about $300 for a round. We would probably go for 3 weeks so we would arrive home about 4th September. Can you suggest an itinerary? We would happily do internal flights and pick up and drop off cars. R

OP posts:
pupuce · 07/05/2002 10:51

R- Is your husband a very good golfer ??? I think it is more than 300 + you must hire one of their caddy. Plus they are very picky about who can play. My boss (handicap 1) told me this-- he played there once.
And to top it up... it's a stunning but very hard course.

Other ideas : Montreal.... It is still gorgeous in September (early Sept it may not yet be very colourful)... and all of the US east coast. I mean Maine, Vermont, Boston, NY, or if you want warmer : The Carolinas ?
There are loads of other great cgolf course on the East cost.... Let us know what you go for !

pupuce · 07/05/2002 10:53

Meant : There are loads of other great golf courses on the East coast.... typo is mucho difficulto !!!!

LKM · 08/05/2002 10:27

We are off to the Algarve this week where I understand there are some great golf courses. We are hiring a villa - some great deals available through Style Holidays. May not appeal but thought I'd mention it! Will report back on my return.

Rhiannon · 08/05/2002 10:59

pupuce, think his handicap is 14 at the moment. Will have a word with him about your posting. R

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 09/05/2002 00:27

Can't offer help on the golf courses, but could give lots of suggestions of places to go if you do decide to go to california. Renting a car is cheap. Look online, but you should be able to get a four door for around $149 a week (plus taxes). And I don't think it's too expensive to pick a car up in la and drop it off in sf or vice versa. You will definitely need a car everywhere except sf. Let me know if you want more specific suggestions.

Rhiannon · 08/06/2002 20:47

After exploring other ideas, we're back on California for 2003 holidays. We're keen to visit San Diego for Legoland, Sea World and the Zoo but wonder what we should see with an 8 and 4 year old in LA? (apart from Disney and Knotts Berry Farm).

Also should we go to Vegas as the kids are so young? I know the MGM has a creche, has anyone used it? R

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 08/06/2002 22:45

I would defintely go to Universal City (the kids may even like it better than disneyland). Although I like knotts berry farm as a child, I'm not sure you would want to go there if your time is limited. The beach is also wonderful. If you go to Santa Monica or Venice the beaches are superwide (just like in baywatch) and great fun for the kids. The water is cold, deep, large waves and strong currents so don't let the kids do more than wade with strict supervision. Las Vegas would be fun for the kids if you are willing to wander around during the day and not do much gambling. I don't think children are allowed in a lot of the slot areas. I'm sure that the big hotels have web sites with lots of info. I can't think of anything else at the moment, but i'll post more when i do.

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