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Anyone know of great self catering appt. or area in ITALY for hols with 8 month old close(ish) to airport?

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OxfordBaby · 14/05/2004 18:22

Hi, has anyone been to Italy for holiday with baby? I'm looking for a nice self catering appartment not too long a drive from an airport - quite fancy Florence/Tuscany but open to ideas - or has anyone got a good website suggestion? Hoping to go in August. Thanks.

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Janh · 14/05/2004 18:40

Holiday Rentals - we have used them, though not in Italy, the website is good (has availability chart which is helpful).

Sounds like a nice holiday, OB!

Janh · 14/05/2004 18:42

Distance from nearest airport is right at the bottom of the page for each property btw.

OxfordBaby · 14/05/2004 18:45

Great thanks I'll have a look.

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Janh · 14/05/2004 18:46

Nice one in Lucca - it says it has internet access so you could keep in touch!

foxinsocks · 14/05/2004 19:13

Jan, what a brilliant website. I think I'll be searching on it all night!

OxfordBaby · 14/05/2004 19:25

Hi thanks Jahn, have checked it out there's some nice places, have found one I like and e-mailed the owner to see how quiet it is as in centre of Florence.

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