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booster seat for a 2½ year old???

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DonnaLouise · 11/05/2004 16:15

I've twice seen my son arrive at his nursery after a day out with his pals, in what I consider to be, unsafe positions in the car.

The first time he was in the middle of his two mates who were in car seats whilst he had a lap belt (which are not even safe for adults).

The second time, he was behind the driver, on a booster seat and on top of two cushions to raise him up.

Both times I mentioned this to staff (once the manager and then to her second in command)but I continue to be concerned, firstly, for the safety of my son, ie. how do I know they won't do it again? And secondly for the safety of the other toddlers.

I think they continue to use the booster seat as it's alongside the 3 carseats which are stored in the nursery.

I am going to mention it again but wondered if you could back me up with any research or info you may have?

OP posts:
LIZS · 11/05/2004 16:46

You could refer to here or rospa site . Neither as far as I could see specifies that it has to be a 3 point seat belt if there is no alternative to just a lap belt available although I have always understood a lap belt to be inadequate. Is your ds the correct weight to use just a booster (15kg) ? tbh I would be very unhappy about either scenario.

DonnaLouise · 11/05/2004 16:49

ds weighs 3 stone (42lb) which is ??? kgs...! Must get to grips with kilos!

OP posts:
secur · 11/05/2004 16:50

Message withdrawn

LIZS · 11/05/2004 17:01

Sadly I don't think it is actually illegal where no child restraint is available but that is covered on the rospa info. Do neither of the full car seats (with integral harness) restrain with just a lap belt - many of the Britax ones do ?

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