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Long Shot! - Can anyone recommend a nice but kiddy firendly hotel in Los Angeles?

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Corrin · 07/05/2004 13:40

Hi Have booked by flight now to LA - Direct as per advice!
Am looking through the hundreds of possible hotsl on Expedia and have found a couple of nice four star hotels...but know nothing about the currently looking at this OK??????

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Corrin · 07/05/2004 13:41

Oops apologies for rushing while little one asleep!

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wilbur · 07/05/2004 13:50

Are you going to La on holiday Corrin? Downtown is not really near all the nice places to be in LA, and it it closer to the rough areas than you might like, unless you've been to the city before. There is a hotel in Santa Monica, on the beach, called Shutters (might be called Shutters on the Beach) which is very nice. I never stayed there myself, but had meetings there and went twice to the hotel cafe with small children (not my own) and they seemed to be very friendly. Don't know about the main hotel though. Otherwise, if you want to be somewhere you can at least walk to a few nice places, I would suggest West Hollywood, or the shopping area of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive area.


wilbur · 07/05/2004 13:52

here is their website.

How old are your kids? I can suggest some fun things to do with them in LA.


Corrin · 07/05/2004 14:02

Thanks Wilbur, I'm going on hols (for my brother's wedding - he's getting married in Santa Barbara) my little one will be 22 months... I'd love any advice you have the wedding's not for 9 days after we arrive so plenty of time to fill!

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Corrin · 07/05/2004 14:08


Have just looked at Shutters...looks amazing but a bit more than we can pay...looks about £250 - £800 per night...thinking about (£100) for first night...

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wilbur · 07/05/2004 14:37

Yes, the hotels that are right on the beach do charge a premium. In that case, I would definitely stay in Santa Monica (NOT Venice Beach which is close by and great to visit in the day but not safe at night) as it's on the coast and the breeze will keep you a little cooler. Also, thereare some places to stay that have tiny kitchenettes which might be good if your lo doesn't always want to eat out. No matter where you stay you will need to hire a car as LA is a huge sprawl. From Santa Monica, the furthest trip you would likely have is over to Universal Studios, which probably takes about 45mins to an hour, depending on traffic. It's a good place to visit with littel ones, not neccessarily the theme park although I think that would be fun too as they have things for small folk, but there's a place in the complex called Universal City Walk which is like a funky shopping area with restaurants and fountains that kids can play in. It's a good place to go and just look and there are no cars so you know they will be safe.

Other places to visit: The La Brea Tar Pits - woolly mammoths and other ancient beasts that were pulled out of these still oozing tar beds right in the middle of the city.

J. Paul Getty Museum - you used to have to book this and I don't know about their kids policy, but I think they have opened a big new version now so might be more family friendly. Fantastic art collection.

If you can face the drive, The Huntingdon Library in Pasadena is gorgeous - the library itself has a lot to look at, but the grounds are amazing with different gardens and big lawns for running around safely. It's a real oasis when the city is steaming. Downtown Pasadena itself is lovely too, it looks more like we would expect a typical American town to look.

I'll keep thinking.


SofiaAmes · 07/05/2004 23:03



SofiaAmes · 07/05/2004 23:10

sorry, that was blunt, but downtown is a pit at night. DO NOT stay there, but, corrin, when are you going? If you look on this website there are lots of people looking to do swaps with people in england over the summer. Or if not a swap, at least you could rent someone's home for a lot less than a hotel and it will be much easier with a little one. Or failing that, my aunt is a travel agent in santa monica and if you want to email me through mumsnet I'll give you her email address and she can recommend and book you places that would be good for children and nice and affordable.


808state · 08/05/2004 08:13

Hi Corrin,

Do not stay in Downtown either!. This is not a place for tourists and its deserted at night.

What about Anaheim?. Hyatt Regency Alicante is very child friendly (they have kids suites with the childrens' own room and bunk beds). Its near Disneyland as well. Many hotels in that area are child friendly


toddlerbob · 08/05/2004 10:03

I have stayed at a place called Inn Suites which was pretty near Disney etc. It was pre ds but I went with my Mum and Dad and had a family room. It was excellent value (especially as I didn't pay) and I had my own room off their room.


Corrin · 12/05/2004 16:35

Thanks for advice. Have booked first night in Marina Del Rey...looks lovely and a first posh night...with budget to follow!

SofiaAmes...have tried ot senda mail but has not worked...will try again.

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