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Do apartments exist in all inclusive? I have three DCs and 2 x studios no go

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GirlWhoWearsGlasses · 08/07/2015 12:56

I'm trying to find a late deal. Even considering Greece ;-) Second week Aug.

Have three DCs - 7, 7 & 9. The 9YO has ADHD and not to be trusted in separate hotel room with DCs 2 & 3. Last year we had interconnecting hotel rooms and we had to divide and rule and I slept with 2 DCs and DP with the other one. It was a nightmare.We can't all fit in one room and if we do its not fun.

I'm searching on Thompson and the big hol companies, but they all come up as either 2 twin rooms or 2 studios. This won't work fro us.

Is there such a thing as an all inclusive apartment or suite? Wheer can I find this?

we could budget 5k for us all but we'd like to go for 2 weeks as we've never done a proper package before.

OP posts:
QforCucumber · 10/07/2015 11:09

We just stayed in the Gran Oasis resort in Las Americas Tenerife AI and they have 2 bedroomed apartments, with a lovely roof terrace and 2 balconies.
Food was good enough (standard european AI stuff) and was a 20 min walk into Las americas - Just near the big Siam Park water park too

makemineapinot · 10/07/2015 18:01

We got a 2 bedroom apartment for £300 for a fortnight in Corfu - basic but has ac, pool, safe and wifi - 5 from shops, restaurants and beach but in quiet area. Booked early though! Valentinos apartments. Been taken over by new owners so some of the old reviews are obsolete now! Have a hunt on and travel Republic.

Redorwhitejusthaveboth · 10/07/2015 18:05

We are staying in a 2 bed suite at club vasia in sisi Crete... Was one of the only places I could find that had AI and 2 bed apart

trilbydoll · 10/07/2015 18:07

We had a 2 bed apt in Los Zocos in Costa Teguise. Not sure you'd get all 3 dc in one room, they might squeeze in a camp bed type thing though?

TravellingToad · 10/07/2015 18:13

For anyone else reading (this might be out of your price range?) I finally found my holy grail at Azul Fives, Mexico. 1,2or 3 bed suites with booking through first choice. All inclusive, kids clubs, room service etc etc we are going in January.

So hard to find suites with multiple rooms in a hotel!

GirlWhoWearsGlasses · 10/07/2015 20:08

Ooh lots of nice things to look at. Thanks all, I do think there is a bit of a gap in market; but you guys have found at least some suitable. One day I will afford my stress free AI - and oh how I'd love to go to Mexico.Grin

OP posts:
SaintEyning · 10/07/2015 20:30

Origo Mare in Fuerteventura has 3 bed villas and AI. Onsite water park and good kids club.

Notfootball · 14/07/2015 22:08

Great thread. I'm looking for the same thing pretty much. I noticed that most of the AI apartments First Choice used to have have all been refurbished and turned into twin rooms. I suppose they can get double the guests into the same hotel if they cut the rooms in half.

Lucked · 14/07/2015 22:18

We are just back from a jet2 holiday to menorca at the royal son Bou family club. Only option on website was 1 bedroom apartment but when we arrived the hotel upgraded us to 2 bedroom for free so they are there but just not bookable apparently. We had tried to find two bed before we left and I agree there is a gap in the market. I wonder if you should get on the phone to operators, I bet they would find you one in one of their hotels.

Siennasun · 14/07/2015 22:33

Mestral and Llebeig in Santo Tomas (Menorca) has 2 bed apartments. It's cheaper to book SC and upgrade to AI in resort.

Notfootball · 20/07/2015 17:48

Sienna who did you book your holiday to M&L apartments with and was it during the summer holidays?

Bunbaker · 21/07/2015 08:09

Redor. We went to Sissi last year. I don't remember seeing your hotel when walking around. Is it a little way out of the resort?

We loved Sissi BTW - not too touristy.

Paddingtonthebear · 21/07/2015 08:18

We stayed in a two bedroom apartment all inclusive at the Barcelo Pueblo hotel, in Punta Prima, Menorca.

They are the ones here called family room, one entrance to the room but interconnecting door to the second bedroom. It was lovely.

Thomas Cook go there but I think you need to book directly with the hotel to get the family apartment rooms. I couldn't see them as part of package deals. We booked flights and hotel directly ourselves and it was cheaper.

MrsSkywalker205 · 21/07/2015 08:20

Try hotel Isabel in Tenerife, you can have wee 3 bed bungalows within the resort but still stay AI. Smile

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