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Anyone got a checklist I can borrow?

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OxfordBaby · 05/05/2004 11:36

Hi I'm going on my first long trip with 4.5 month old and am creating a checklist, thought it would be useful everytime I go away. Has anyone else done this? If so could I take a look at your list?n Thanks!

OP posts:

SoupDragon · 05/05/2004 12:26

There have been lots of threads about tavellig witha baby which will have suggestions but I don't think I've ever een a checklist. Off the top of my head...

  • Sufficient nappies/wipes for the journey plus some emergency ones
  • Change of clothes for the baby and you (might just need a top for you)
  • Enough food/milk/breastpads
  • Muslin squares - great for mopping up, protecting, chewing... everything!
  • Favourite toy

    You should be able to buy nappies and wipes when you arrive, even if it's not your usual brand. Make a note of your baby's weight in kg to help you get the right size.

OxfordBaby · 05/05/2004 12:48

Thanks, so far I've got on my list: Bath support, sponges, changing mat, towels, flannel, cotton wool, changing tub (with creams, nappies, wipes etc in it), changing bag, blanket, crib, clothes, nappies, toys, muslins, bibs, steriliser, bottles, milk powder, rice, food dish/spoon, disinfectant (just in case), bouncy chair, warm coat, hat.
We're going to visit dh's parents up north for 4 days..

OP posts:

binkie · 05/05/2004 13:21

er ... buggy/sling? Do you use a baby monitor? "Red book" from health visitor?

A whole box of nappysacks, essential.

Towels bulky to take unless you have doubts about what detergent dh's parents use.

Otherwise doesn't look like anything missing.

I did just like you, generated a list very early on and update it each trip - still invaluable 5 years on, though thank goodness rather shorter (also early "versions" nicely nostalgic).


Tissy · 05/05/2004 13:27

do you really need a bath support?

won't dh's parents have disinfectant? What are you going to disinfect?

Surely you can use their towels?


LIZS · 05/05/2004 13:49

I'd leave off bath support unless it is really compact, can you borrow towels and flannel, use travel changing mat and would car seat not double as seat indoors. Only take basic toiletries as a couple of days washing in plain water won't do any harm - do you have samples left over form the Bounty pack or small bottles you can decant into. Some sort of mat to lie on floor and a few suitable toys ?


Jaybee · 05/05/2004 14:06

We used to visit in laws alot when ds was little (first visit was when he was 9 days). I used to have a check list like you too - just added/removed stuff as they got older. I assunme you are taking the car - my list would be:
Changing Box (includes nappies, creams, nappy sacks, fold up changing mat, Infacare (small one from bounty pack that I used to refill), nail scissors (granny's always say their nails are too long), cotton wool, bibs, and Calpol - they always seem to get ill when away from home
Something to sleep in (unless granny can borrow something for you) plus bedding
Plastic mat - used this for laying him on if we went anywhere with a pet or covering sofa whilst feeding and later put under high chair.
Car seat will double for chair for indoors
Clothes - aim for 2 sets for each day - and go for layering, t shirt and fleece rather than jumper as leaves options open for different weathers - may be worth taking some washing powder if you use non bio - at least you can wash out stuff if necessary.
Have a sunhat and suncream just in case.
Ditto muslin squares.
Buggy - granny's love to take out babies.
Steriliser if you are using bottles.


OxfordBaby · 05/05/2004 14:57

Thanks, I've updated my list, completely forgot monitor, calpol and red book!
Tissy, any ideas or just questions???

OP posts:

Tissy · 06/05/2004 09:00

Didn't have much time yesterday, but thought you were overdoing it a bit !

Only one idea just now- take a camera for photos of baby and doting grandparents!

Oh, and you don't need bibs AND muslins- the muslins will double up as bibs.

Don't take too many toys- baby is likely to spend most of his awake time being entertained by the grandparents- they'll probably have bought presents anyway!


Tartegnin · 06/05/2004 14:40

I made a travel list which has now gone through several updates as our DD gets older (now 4.5). Here is the first version, from when she was two and just potty training - maybe not entirely relevant, but could be useful. The items in brackets are ones which may be needed, depending on the trip. The second set of things is non-baby stuff that I or the family might need to remember (I usually remember all of DDs stuff and forget half of my own)!

Potty seat, Bowl/cup/fork/spoon, Sippy cup(s), dummies, Bibs, Blankie, Diaper/wipes/cream,Baby Tylenol/Cold/charcoal, [Suntan lotion], bath soap/shampoo/lotion, toothbrush/toothpaste, juice boxes, longlife milk, car seat,
Stroller, toys and books, [videos/dvds], [beach toys, arm bands, float], PJs,
Shoes, Socks, Undies, [Jacket/raincoat/boots/hat/scarf/gloves], [bathing suit/coverup/sun hat], [thermos/insulated bag] hand washing liquid

Camera/charger, Phone/charger, Tums/Pepto, Nurofen, Vitamins, Books, Address list
Airline/hotel cards, Passport photo copies, Make up/hand/face cream, bath salts, Jewelry, Scarves, Sun/reading glasses, [Sunscreen/aftersun], [bathing suit/coverup], [gym stuff]

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