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Anyone know anything about Playa de la Arena?

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goosey · 01/05/2004 17:08

We have booked to go there in July and have heard conflicting things about Tenerife. The offer was too good to ignore though - 2 free kids places!
Any experiences, good or bad appreciated?

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tiredemma · 01/05/2004 17:27

nice quiet resort, beach black sand though so not very nice, well paced for sightseeing and your close to the los gigantes cliffs which are breathtaking.
there are a few bars and resturants in the resort but if the reports that you have heard about tenerife were bad then it will probably be playa de las americas that they are referring to as it isnt a very nice resort but playa de la arena is lovely, id definetly go there with my two boys.
which property is it that your staying in?
my dps grandmother goes back to this resort twice a year and loves it, depends what kind of holiday you are after.

goosey · 01/05/2004 17:30

Thank you!
We will be staying at the Barcelo Veradera apparthotel

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tiredemma · 01/05/2004 17:34

i know those, nice apts, well placed in the resort as well.
barcelo are a very good chain of spanish hotels and have a really good reputation.
how old are your children? make sure you take them to "Loro Park" near to puerto de la cruz, excellent for kids, its more or less a zoo with dolphin show etc but its good fun.
if you want any more info let me know, (im a travel agt)

goosey · 01/05/2004 17:44

Oh that sounds really good! The children are 2,11.14 and 16, so quite a mix of ages and unfortunately too many of us for a cheap hire car so it will have to be buses to get around - which should be more fun anyway!
We decided to go this year because we have never had a family holiday abroad before. I want my eldest to have experienced a family holiday before she grows up and away - she's almost 17 as it is.
dh is 40 in July too - so that's another excuse to get the credit card out :0

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tiredemma · 01/05/2004 18:18

im sure you will have a great time, there is lots to do on the island and the bus service is pretty good, if i can think of anything else ill put it on here.

Lisa78 · 01/05/2004 18:31

no knowledge goosey but am very jealous! In fact, I think you posted this purely to boast about your holiday and the good offer you got

goosey · 01/05/2004 18:35

lol - I'll be posting soon asking for quick money making ideas to pay off the cc bill

I've been jealous of globe-trotting people for years when I've been sitting in my wet tent with damp kids and farting dog!

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