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Fossil hunting in the north east???

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popsycal · 30/04/2004 19:31

DH used to do this loads as a child and I never have but have always wanted to find a fossil of my own.....being a city girl, it intrugues me of my things to do before I am thirty I have!!!

DH used to go somewhere on the north east coast near Whitby called kettle something....

Anyone heard of it? Or can suggest anywhere good within an hour or so of newcastle or york.....?

Strange request...sorry!

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roisin · 30/04/2004 19:35

My boys found fossils on Saltburn beach last week.

Whitby itself is great for fossils too. Ds1 found some fab ammonites there last year.

Geology is really dh's thing, I'll ask him whether it's just anywhere on that stretch of coastline.

sammac · 30/04/2004 19:35

Hi popsy

we did this 2 years ago(by accident tho' just down from where your dh did it. Just along from Robin Hood's Bay.

We got some crackers- are displayed in the bathroom. Dd has taken them into school too. Once you find one ....

But I was 30+

popsycal · 30/04/2004 19:35

intrigues even
can spell
can't type

OP posts:
popsycal · 30/04/2004 19:37

brill!!! I am soooo excited!
Have heard of Robin Hood's bay

being a bank holiday weekend, it may be really busy. Roisin....if your dh could suggest somewhere quiet and reasonably easily accessible with a heavy 21 month old toddler who insists on walking (unless we find a toddler back pack we like in the meantime!) that would be very much appreciated!

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fairyfly · 30/04/2004 19:42

Popsy didn't realise it was a thing to do before thirty, you must get me one, i don't think i will fossil hunt before July.

sammac · 30/04/2004 19:43

Robin hood's bay you have to walk down to- easy down, steep up ( I was 5mo pg) but once on the beach can walk for miles. We were there in July and not too busy.

Don;t know if my ds,@29 mo could walk that far tho'.

The farmer told us of a wee secluded place, but I couldn't for the life of me remember it. What I mean, is there are other places to explore.

maomao · 30/04/2004 19:44

Ooo, this is an exciting thread; thanks for starting it, popsy! I'm taking notes!

popsycal · 30/04/2004 19:52

FF - it is the most exciting thing that I will be doing before I am thirty, I can tell you!!

OP posts:
fairyfly · 30/04/2004 19:53

before you turn into one

popsycal · 30/04/2004 19:54

thanks ff.....

OP posts:
fairyfly · 30/04/2004 20:06

It's ok, lets think of what you can do at thirty that you can't do now, to cheer you up. What is legal at thirty?????????

Snarl · 30/04/2004 21:33

There's fossils at Whitby, and not just the old dears - real fossils! I found a complete dinosaur there the other day, just managed to get it onto the roof-rack. Wife went mental! I'd only meant to get KFC.

roisin · 30/04/2004 21:42

Sorry - took me a while. Yup, there's fossils all the way down that bit of coast. Robin Hood's Bay, Staithes and Runswick Bay are great, but probably not great at meeting your criteria for taking kids - steep walks down to the beach. Also probably very busy this w/e. Ditto Whitby.

I think I would tentatively suggest Saltburn ... (you should be able to find it on a map) it's not terribly tasteful, but shouldn't get too crowded, and you've a good chance of finding fossils. Ds1 (age 6) found 5 good specimens within half an hour last week. You can park at the top of a cliff and go down in the cliff lift (my boys love it), or you can park at the bottom. There is also a little train in the valley, which my kids love. As far as fossil-hunting, when you hit the beach head South past the boats, towards the rocky bits, rather than up towards the sand (and Middlesbrough).

I should warn you though, it's not a terribly nice place. If you want to drive further down the coast there are some more picture-skew bits, but they tend to be quite small and crowded on a nice bank holiday weekend, and long walks from car parks to beaches.

I love Whitby, but it gets pretty hideous there at weekends.

PS I've never found a fossil either, but I don't see the attraction ... but ds1 is hooked. Hope you find some.

popsycal · 30/04/2004 21:48

snarl - taking the mick perhaps???

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