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kiwicath - could you help me please...advice about going to Egypt while pregnant.

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smellymelly · 30/04/2004 09:24

I just read your messages on the Is it safe taking kids across Egypt? And wondered if you may be able to help me, please;

We have booked our Honeymoon in El Gouna - went last year and loved it, but I will be 16 weeks pregnant, and I was wondering whether you may know what the ante-natal care is like there if I needed anything?

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kiwicath · 01/05/2004 09:54

Hi Smellymelly. Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you but my mums visiting from NZ and had my hands fuller than usual. I used to Nanny with the Nanny of the owner of El Gouna complex so will do some homework for you and get back re: doctors/medical care etc. When are you planning on coming over??

kiwicath · 01/05/2004 17:38

OK, made a few phone calls and it appears that El Gouna has a brand new hospital with all the bells and whistles plus resident obstetrician and gynecologist. Haven't been there myself but other expat mums are vouching for it and have had babes delivered there. Check out here and here for a bit of information. If you have a quick check up before you leave, I'm sure you'ell be as good as gold but it's nice to know there are facilities there if need be. Good luck, have fun and if I can be anymore help, please drop us a line. CONGRATULATIONS BY THE WAY!!!

smellymelly · 01/05/2004 20:08

Brilliant - thanks alot Kiwikath, you have really helped.

I am looking forward to coming back to El Gouna (staying at The Movenpick, by the way) and your info has put my mind at rest. It looks like it will be a good place to come and relax..


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