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suggestions.... Toulouse area ?

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israel · 27/04/2004 04:13

Next monday...3rd May I'll be travelling to see a brother and family , who bought a property in the south of France...near Auch..Toulouse.
I have never been before and so have no idea what to expect weather wise.
My ds is 3...we will fly Manchester-Amsterdam...Amsterdam-Toulouse.
Any suggestions as to what clothes to will I need many sweaters/rain jackets?...or will it be shorts weather?
Also has anyone else done that journey?
I flew last year to Greece with ds and a normally very placid little boy turned very active on the plane!!!it was difficult to control him, so I'm not looking forward to the there anything I can give him or entertain him with that could settle him?....
Any suggestions much appreciated...israel

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Soapbox · 27/04/2004 10:06

Don't know anything about Toulouse but fdo know about travelling with little ones.

We have done several long haul and short haul flights with our 2 children now 4 and 5, and they have always been as good as gold (said while touching wood!).

We print off colouring in prints from the cbeebies and disney website for them to colour in. We buy little lego sets for them (be prepared to lose the odd bit) and comics. Take some drinks and snacks for them as sometimes the trolley service never comes when the children are hungry/thirsty. Then of course have a large alcoholic drink so that you can filter our any bad behaviour!

Hope you have a lovely time!

mammya · 27/04/2004 10:18

I went to Toulouse about this time of year a couple of years ago and it was really cold and wet! If it's good weather it can get really warm though so be prepared for all kinds of weather really.

For the plane travel I second Soapbox's advice and would also suggest that you take a couple of surprise toys to take out at strategic times when you sense your ds is about to lose it! Snacks that are fiddly/take a long time to eat are good too.

Have a good time, Toulouse is a lovely city and the food is superb!

Frenchgirl · 27/04/2004 10:33

yes, the weather could be anything! After all it is spring.... You might get nice and hot and sunny, or rain, so you need a pair of light trousers, a pair of warmer ones, t-shirts and cardi/jumper, and (light) rain coat. It shouldn't be cold. I hope you get to go to Carcassonne and have a walk around the medieval city, and maybe go and see somne of the Cathar fortresses. My mum comes from that area, it is beautiful, I have spent many holidays there!!! have a lovely time and enjoy your cassoulet!

Frenchgirl · 27/04/2004 10:34

and you MUST listen to Nougaro's song 'Toulouse'

israel · 27/04/2004 10:59

...Thankyou Soapbox, Mammya,and Frenchgirl for the info. I'm glad I asked because I thought it might be hot and was only planning on shorts and t shirts.
I'm really looking forward to's only a week and it's the first time I will be going with only I will print off some little pictures and get lots of little surprises.
I will try and get to the medievel city but i do remember my brother saying they live out in the sticks....nearest village Auch.
Will let you know how it goes when I get back.

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israel · 13/05/2004 19:19

The suggestions for activities for my ds 3...just wonderful...thanks.
Unfortunately we had a horrible journey going.
First flight...late due to ambulance case being stretchered on.
At Amsterdam we ran to get our connection only to be told it wasn't going anywhere as the plane was faulty....but was told to follow my luggage to a flight to Paris which was going in 20 mins...thus another mad dash across schiphol airport looking for a transfer desk!!! one point i just burst into tears!
Once on the flight to Paris...relaxed a little.
In Paris we had to completely change terminals...I was escorted to a room to wait for a bus to change....Two armed police men entered with a wad of passports and twenty chinese looked as though they were being escorted from the country....Finally after 3 hours I got my flight to Toulouse...a journey which should take about 2 hrs max....took 11 hrs!!!
What an experience!!...the hol was wonderful though....the Pyrenees just thanks to those of you who gave me some tips....but that journey!!!**dy ds was a gem.

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Pook · 14/05/2004 13:46


Poor you - what a terrible journey.

We're off to Toulouse, to a tiny village with Auch as the nearest town, at the end of June, with our 10month dd. Fortunately flying direct.

I don't suppose you noticed how baby-friendly places are in that part of France i.e. highchairs/baby change facilities.

Also - although there is quite an age difference between my baby and yours (!) did you find fun places to go?


israel · 14/05/2004 14:27

Dear Pook....
My impression of the area was that it was very rural, quite poor in places.
The people are just lovely. They are very friendly towards children ...always stopping and commenting on how beautiful / charming my ds was...and his cousins, who were out and about with us.
I didn't see many public toilets with baby changing facilities but did see that it was common to just go behind a bush. The bigger supermarket chains sometimes had baby changing rooms atached to the loos.
We were in the countryside and I took my 3 yr old walking in the Pyrenees...up to the snow line...If you can go here it was spectacular scenery with loads of wildlife.
We also went into Auch and the cathedral was well worth a visit for the old carvings.
We also went to the next village's fete...which started on a friday night and finished on the sunday....loads for the children and adults...if you can get to one of these it's worth it.
I hope you have a good holiday...we did after we had got over the journey...

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