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Children's Traffic Club

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EmmaM · 12/04/2002 12:25

I don't know if other people have seen this, but I recently had a mailing from the Children's Traffic Club.

The Children's Traffic Club helps parents teach their children how to stay safe when they are out walking, playing or travelling by car.

It is aimed at 3 - 4 year olds and their parents, to work together through a series of 6 books. You get the first 3 books (I think) on regisrtration and the other 3 at 3 monthly intervals. There are also other membership benefits.

Membership costs £12.50 to cover the 6 books and postage and packing. Some local authorities are offering free or subsidised memberships depending on where you live - I'm entitled to one. You just have to check with the Club before you register.

If you are interested details are:

The Children's Traffic Club, Freepost HA4468, Harrow, HA1 2BR. Telephone 0870 010 4440. Email [email protected]. There is a website:

OP posts:
Demented · 12/04/2002 15:25

If you live in Scotland you get this for free. A card gets sent to you when your child turns three and you fill it in and return it. Its a good idea!

SueDonim · 12/04/2002 17:00

We live in Scotland and have received all the stuff, but I don't think it's very good. Imo, it's far too complicated for small children, too detailed and intricate. My dd either didn't understand the activities or went off to do something else, because she was bored at the length of time they took. It's an excellent idea but really needs work to be done on it to make it more user friendly.

Demented · 12/04/2002 19:45

OK confession time, yes we are all signed up for the Traffic Club and have received the first mailing and I honestly do think it is a great idea but the pack is actually sitting in amongst my cookbooks and has not actually been shown to DS. I have this evening had another look at it and refreshed my memory and now remember why we have not shown it to DS, it is rather advanced. However we will keep hold of them and review it in three or four months time.

Ailsa · 22/04/2002 00:12

Who remembers the Tufty Club?

Viv · 22/04/2002 09:09

Aisa, Yes I remember the Tufty club, I was a member and wore my badge with pride. My dd still has his badge - sad eh!!

JanZ · 22/04/2002 10:35

Oops - I'm showing my age by admitting that I too remember the Tufty Club!

Binker · 22/04/2002 13:48

me too !

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