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in-flight present for mum

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QD · 09/04/2002 22:09

I am not very well travelled and neither is my mum. She is off to New Zealand for a couple of months on 1/5 to visit an old aunt and I wanted to get her a going away present of things she would find useful in the air and being away from home for 2 months. I'd love to upgrade her but think thats out of my budget unfortunately! Can anyone give me any suggestions? She is quite anxious about flying having suffered heart fribulations before christmas and I'd like to pack her some goodies to chill her out. I'm seriously lacking in imagination thanks to 2 very exhausting children and a monkey baby who thinks its time to play once the sun goes down...(and a brain that turned to playdough a long time ago)I would be very grateful for any ideas.

OP posts:
Bumblelion · 10/04/2002 10:32

Not sure if it is appropriate, but when I went on my honeymoon my mum and dad arranged for us to have champayne and flowers on the flight. They also arranged for us to have flowers and fruit in our hotel when we arrived.

I know the airline/travel agent can arrange this for you.

Can't think of any ideas totally suitable for your mum though. Sorry.

Tillysmummy · 10/04/2002 10:46

QD, what about some nice relaxation music (Cd's or tapes) and a discman or walkman. Also perhaps a nice book for her to plan / record her trip in and perhaps something good to read ?

bundle · 10/04/2002 10:49

..and some nice smelly aromatherapy eye gel, moisturiser etc to dab on during the flight when your skin gets dried out with all that re-circulated air. and some nice warm socks to pad around in when your feet swell up.

Marina · 10/04/2002 10:51

QD, having never travelled long-haul I never really paid attention to the magazine recommendations about "pamper kits" (and no I do not mean clamping a moist disposable to your forehead) that some of the fashionable cosmetics firms do. I think the highly coveted ones are by Browns, Origins and Jo Malone. These all contain dinky travel sizes of useful and gorgeous potions - spritzer for face, gel for tired ankles etc. I suggest that you throw yourself on the mercy of your nearest John Lewis/House of Fraser/Debenhams beauty hall, or maybe you have a posh beauty salon nearby?
I got my mum some Decleor balm for legs when she went to Oz and she loved it. I also bought her posh scented travel wipes and some Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which is fab and can be used for everything.
Also, not very glam, but get her some of those special travel stockings too can get them at Boots.
Finally, the older generation can sometimes not be so aware of the importance of drinking lots of water on long flights. A gentle reminder about that might be worthwhile too...
I hope she has a super time and is not constantly tripping over Lord of the Rings fans - it's had a huge impact on NZ tourism, apparently!

Enid · 10/04/2002 16:22

I would second Marinas recommendation of '8 hour cream', and also a bottle of Evian water spray as the air con is so dehydrating.

QD · 10/04/2002 21:58

Thanks everyone you've given me some really good ideas. I really needed a kick-start and that's what I got. Thank you!

OP posts:
bloss · 11/04/2002 00:27

Message withdrawn

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