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Recomendations for self-catering holiday in or near Bath

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efmach · 09/04/2002 22:06

This Spring we would like to take our kiddies for a short break to Bath. Any suggestions for self-catering accomodation in or near this city? TIA

OP posts:
sobernow · 13/04/2002 22:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

efmach · 14/04/2002 21:51

sobernow - Thanks for that. Infact, it looks like we've left it abit late, all the self-catering cottages in those areas seem to be fully booked. I think we will have to look towards the Bristol area for accomodation. Thanks anyway.

OP posts:
GRMUM · 15/04/2002 11:48

My family live in Bradford-on-Avon and it is very conveniant for Bath I find it hard to believe that everything is booked up for the spring - try this siteWest Wilts.accomodation Good luck!

GRMUM · 15/04/2002 11:57

Sorry I haven't done the link properly!Try

efmach · 15/04/2002 13:38

Grmum - thanks for your help. Each time I try to link up to that website, the screen says 'error'.
I can't believe that all that accomodation is booked up but believe me, we can't seem to find any self-catering cottages available for the 1st week of June. Is there something going on that we don't know about!!!!!!!

OP posts:
GRMUM · 15/04/2002 14:01

Sorry about the link not working. Just type in this address First week of June may be Bath Festival week if I remember correctly from my student days in Bath....

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