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Costa de la Luz

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Cazhass · 09/04/2002 20:08

Interested to see if anyone has 'done la Luz'
this area is being heavily developed at the moment
and there are some good quality hotels (with children's facilities!!)appearing fast and furious.
Isla Canela and Islantilia appear to be the main resorts. Short flight, fab hotels, great beaches
untouched (at the moment) by mass tourism (but I fear cranes a plentiful!)
A lot of the hotels I have looked at are twin 3
so I am keen to hear if anyone has taken (what appears to be an abnormally large family to a lot of tour operators!!) 2 children both who need a bed to sleep on...

OP posts:
tigermoth · 10/04/2002 09:57

We went to this area, in our pre children days, about 9 years ago. We stayed about an hours drive south of Cadiz, in a villa right on the coast. I think our nearest town was Conil de Frontera (?). I will look on a map later and confirm this. Anyway, the town was great for families - it had some small seaside attractions, like a few fairground rides, but was not over-developed and it had plenty of character. The town and surrounding area were not as picturesque as the 'white villages' we had seen in the moutains to the north, but hey, The beaches were plentiful and sandy.

One drawback was the strong though hot wind. This was irritating at times and might be especially uncomfortable if you were taking young children. Apparently there's a town in this area right by the coast that has an exceptionally high suicide rate. We were told that the reason was the wind!

So if you are thinking of booking a holiday, check out the weather situation first.


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