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Ideas for day trip out from Stansted airport

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miracleabie · 19/04/2004 13:38

Due to terrible flight times I will be stuck awaitng a flight connection for 10 hours at Stanstead airport. Anyone able to suggest omething interesting to do/ have lunch/etc.Thanks

OP posts:
princesspeahead · 19/04/2004 13:44

if the weather is nice you could go to whipsnade zoo... if my geography hasn't completely deserted me... it is very nice and a bit of walking will sort out your potential dvt!!!

Zerub · 19/04/2004 13:55

Mountfitchet Castle is very near to Stansted. Its a Norman castle, with models of people doing Norman things... (you know, theres a blacksmiths and someone doing the washing and the rest). And goats and things wandering around. Won't take up 10 hours though.

But you won't have a car will you? The train to London takes about 30 minutes but costs a lot. Or there are National Express buses to quite a few places, eg 45 mins to Cambridge.

Stansted buses

Marina · 19/04/2004 14:07

I've heard Mountfitchet Castle is very nice too, Zerub!
Miracleabie, as you've got all that time, other destinations within easy driving distance of Stansted include Audley End House (in Saffron Walden), or Wimpole Hall near Cambridge. You don't say if you have children with you...Duxford Air Museum is great for small aviation enthusiasts. Have heard the food is basic to say the least there, though...

miracleabie · 19/04/2004 17:35

oh thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will be with my Dad (75)and without a car, but I did'nt realise that Cambridge was so close.I think it might be a resonable option. Will do some research on Duxford air museum as that might appeal to dad too. We might splash out on taxis I guess too. Thanks for all ideas.

OP posts:
lars · 19/04/2004 18:05

Taxis are always available at stansted. Do bear in mind traffic jams M25 and M11 as can get very busy ( don't know if you will be in rush hour, etc). Nearest town would be Harlow or Bishop stortford. There is plenty of country pubs nearby for a pub lunch and Audley end would be nearer then Duxford. Hatfield House is another place of interest thats in Herts not too far though. North Weald isn't that far 30 min in car from Stansted, has a market on Saturday and World War 2 Air Musuem(used in second world war and still used today). Also a garden Nursery nearby. As you can see I don't live that far from Stansted. LarsXX

Davros · 20/04/2004 11:55

Isn't the Duxford air museum nearby? Its much more interesting than it sounds!

Davros · 20/04/2004 11:56

Durr sorry, I see its already been mentioned. Your dad would love it.

fisil · 20/04/2004 13:21

Oh, I was going to suggest Mountfitchet and Duxford and Cambridge - but someone got there first.

Watch out for the man eating sheep at Mountfitchet!

miracleabie · 20/04/2004 13:27

Thanks for ideas everyone. I checked out the Duxford Museum site and it looks perfect for us. So I reckon we will go there.
Lars-Any nice foody pubs around there, or back towards Stansted?

OP posts:
miracleabie · 20/04/2004 13:29

Man eating sheep?>>> tell me more!!!

OP posts:
ShopAviation · 02/05/2021 18:09

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