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Anyone stayed at Waverly hotel, Edinburgh?

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juniper68 · 17/04/2004 15:31

My kids DH and I are staying there in May for 2 nights. It's the only one I could get with a family room. Just wondered exactly how noisy it is

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mummysurfer · 17/04/2004 15:39

have you a link to it?
we had a family room willask dh what it was called? waverley sounds familiar tho'

juniper68 · 17/04/2004 22:35
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juniper68 · 17/04/2004 22:37

Ok can't do links v well

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deegward · 17/04/2004 22:59

I come from Edinburgh, and the Waverly is right on Princes Street, but I really don't think it will be very noisy. Great location to see all the sights, and if you are lucky, you have a view of the castle from your room. Disney Store is next door - don't know if thatis good or bad

Hope you have a fab time in Edinburgh, I miss it already, even although we were there for Easter

pol2004 · 17/04/2004 23:01

Am running Edinburgh marathon in 8 weeks(AAAARRGH) you know if its very hilly?

juniper68 · 17/04/2004 23:10

I love Edinburgh too It's my favourite city so love to visit. We usually stay at the Murrayfield on corstorphin but we've left it too late. Me, DH and DSs are all going this time, stopping first in Glasgow to see the Scottish claymores,but want to stay in Edinburgh as there's lots there we want to see/do. Dynamic earth, zoo etc.
I know where the waverly is but i went on a site that had a few complaints on it. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced it. It's quite expensive too, but hey I've booked it now

Good for you doing the marathon pol2004, hope it goes well for u.

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jdr2004 · 17/04/2004 23:19

Thanks...can you recommend any "must see's" for the day after marathon....have never been there before and wont have any of the children with us!!

juniper68 · 18/04/2004 22:50

have u been to the Castle jdr? It's beautiful and the views are fantastic. I love the zoo but there's loads of walking and I'm presuming you'd be too tired for that? Hope someone from Edinburgh can recommend something to do for you both. It's a very romantic city IMO.

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