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Hotels in Hartlepool

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CountessDracula · 14/04/2004 16:02

I have to go there on biz, anyone recommend somewhere nice with good food etc. pref a gym or pool for something to do in the evening and nothing flowery!

Also what is Hartlepool like?

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Northerner · 14/04/2004 16:08

Sorry, but Hartlepool is horrible. It's about 20 minutes away from where I grew up. Went to college with a lass from Hartlepool. It was a dive then and still is. Very rough on an evening so don't venture out. Don't mean to offend anyone but being a Middlesbrough lass I know what I'm talking about.

Seaham Hall, is about 30 miles away and is beautiful. Just up your street IMO.

BTW, when in Hartlepool do not mention monkey hanging. They take major offence!
CountessDracula · 14/04/2004 16:12

YOU WHAT? Monkey hanging?

Oh god maybe will say can't go. Hate the thought of going somewhere so horrid. It's only for 2 nights though, maybe I'll find a lovely country hotel. Anyone know one near? Will check out Seaham Hall but 30 miles in a cab could be spenny (am flying) not that I care as work paying.

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Northerner · 14/04/2004 16:15

During the war a monkey was washed up, alive, on the beach at Hartlepool. They hung it thinking it was a german spy. Sad but true.

Where are you flying to, will it be Teeside?

CountessDracula · 14/04/2004 16:21

Oh god they are savages

Poor monkey

Yes Teeside. Seaham thingy looks nice if a bit poncy! What about Redworth Hall Hotel - looks a bit chintzy and corporate though.

Ah may hire car at airport good idea

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Northerner · 14/04/2004 16:27

Yes REdworth is nice. Good standard, this is probably your best bet.

CountessDracula · 14/04/2004 16:29

Thanks think will book, only 69 quid on

Fancy a night out?

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