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Good beach with easy parking - South Coast - idea ideas?

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tatcity · 14/04/2004 11:16

Thinking of having day out to beach soon(live in Ealing, London) - but don't know nice beach to go to with 2 kids that is easy for parking. Any ideas anyone???????? Have done Brighton and Worthing - don't know anywhere else. Perhaps somewhere near Portsmouth, Poole, or Chichester? Help!

OP posts:
triplets · 14/04/2004 12:05

Come to Deal in Kent for the day, we have a pebble beach but miles of it and loads of parking, today the sky is blue and we can see the cliffs of France, Two excellent castles in the town, nice little shops and a pier!

bunny2 · 14/04/2004 12:11

Southbourne, just East of Bournemouth has fab beaches and loads of free parking all along the road. The beaches extend from Hengisbury Head through Bournemouth towards Poole.

lydialemon · 14/04/2004 12:15

Went to Ramsgate yesterday (to visit my Nan) and that was really nice - sandy beaches etc. Margate and Broadstairs also have sandy beaches, I think all the surrounding ones have pebbles.

Dymchurch is nice (lots of kiddy memories there!)and the parking is right on the beach.

bluesky · 14/04/2004 14:34

tatcity, try the Witterings, near chichester. It is stony, but lots of space and green grass at the top of the beach, where you can have your picnic, play football. games etc. Toilets, cafe.

tatcity · 14/04/2004 14:36

Thanks all. Someone else suggested West Wittering too, so i think i'll try that.

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 14/04/2004 14:55

Mudeford sandspit (off the end of Hengistbury Head as per Bunny2's posting) is gorgeous. Lots of little beach huts on it, sandy beach on the harbour and sea sides and a brilliant beach restaurant thing. You can park at southborne and get the Noddy Train round (a little land train) or go to Mudeford Quay and get a ferry about 100yds. Idyllic for kids

bunny2 · 14/04/2004 14:59

I love Hengisbury Head, great for kite flying and the cafe does fab bacon and egg baps.

CountessDracula · 14/04/2004 15:01

Me too - I used to have a bf who lived there, his brother was the countryside ranger of HH and had the little cottage on it, we used to stay there when he was away.

bunny2 · 14/04/2004 15:18

Wow CD, that must have been spooky.

CountessDracula · 14/04/2004 15:25

No it was really lovely - had little hearts cut out of the shutters and we had to stuff socks in them or the sun would wake us up! It was great being so isolated.

tatcity · 14/04/2004 16:41

Thanks CountessDracula and bunny2 - they sound just the sort of places I'm after. Spoilt for choice now. I've got the beach bug having spent Easter in Devon, now back in London longing for the seaside again!

OP posts:
Codswallop · 14/04/2004 17:05

west wottering can be very tidal and awful queu to park

Codswallop · 14/04/2004 17:06

I would recomend alum chine near poole, am Queen (self appointed) of beaching

let nme know if you want more details

tatcity · 14/04/2004 17:10

Codswallop queen of beaches - go ahead - more details please! Alum Chine??? Think I might have seen that on Good Beach Guide. Friend of mine said West Wittering was fantastic but only when tide out. Just want somewhere easy to park, not too built up, for a picnic and a bit of sun and sea air. Thanks.

OP posts:
tatcity · 14/04/2004 20:20

Sorry Codswallop - just noticed on other thread about your visit to docs - and there's me asking you about beaches! Hope you feel better soon.

OP posts:
SueW · 15/04/2004 22:08

I'll second Mudeford. Gorgeous. Crabbing too is great for old and young alike

Janh · 16/04/2004 10:01

Goodness - when I was little (lived in Middlesex) we used to go to West Wittering, picnic and play games on the grass etc - is it still the same? How amazing!

tatcity · 17/04/2004 19:39

Went there yesterday and was really impressed. Seemed very unspoilt, not busy, plenty of parking, clean beach. would recommend!

OP posts:
Codswallop · 17/04/2004 19:45

sorry tat _ I lifted you up and then dashed you to the ground will perform queenly duties better

west w is nice but the lane to it can get congested on really hot days - you can q for over an hour to park

KPB · 18/04/2004 09:29

Eastbounre is lovely. Lots of things for the kids to do.

KPB · 18/04/2004 09:30

Oh yeah and I would def. say Wittering was worth considering.

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