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Kings Cross to Waterloo in less than an hour

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THERESA · 03/04/2002 17:33

I'm in Newcastle and on Tuesday 7th July we're getting the 9.27am Eurostar to Disneyland Paris. The first train from Newcastle arrives at Kings Cross at 8.12 and we've to be at the Eurostar terminal by 9.00am! It doesn't look feasible on the tube (especially at that time of day!) or am I wrong? Would a taxi be possible or would it take even longer? Thanks.

OP posts:
bossykate · 03/04/2002 17:54

Hi Theresa

I just went to they have a journey planner function on the site. i checked it out and it looked like 24mins total - check it out for yourself though, it is very easy to use. i would definitely avoid a taxi if time is tight - it is rush hour.

hope that helps.

Pupuce · 03/04/2002 19:31

My only wory is that you need to be at the Eurostar 20 minutes ahead of departure... usually.
I agree with Bossykate that the taxi is a BAD idea at 830 in the morning.
If you have your tube map ready and KNOW where you are going you should be fine. Tubes are every 2 minutes... you jsur need to get everyone to follow you and be speedy !!! Look for the signs above your head as you DO NOT want to go in the wrong direction!!!
Good luck.
How many kids and how old ? Is there a stroller involved or another adult with you ?

Ailsa · 03/04/2002 21:26

Theresa, check your day/date - the 7th July is a sunday.

Rozzy · 04/04/2002 08:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

JJ · 04/04/2002 09:43

Theresa, if you're not travelling on a Sunday, then my suggestion is the following:

--from Kings Cross take the Northern line (Bank branch) south to Bank make sure to get on the right branch of the Northern line
--at Bank, go to the Waterloo and City line (or is it City and Waterloo line?) and get on the train which will take you right to Waterloo with no stops it's a bit of a walk to that line at the station, so be prepared for that
--at Waterloo, head out of the tube and turn left then go down the lifts (if they're working) to the Eurostar terminal

You need to double check on the Waterloo and City line-- it doesn't run all hours and not at all on Sundays. If you are travelling on a Sunday, a cab might be the way to go, BUT there is sometimes a huge queue at the stand and there is massive construction going on the road heading east in front of the station. A decent driver would avoid this, but sometimes they don't. Good luck!

ScummyMummy · 04/04/2002 10:57

One of my favourite teachers told me that the basic rule of thumb for the tube is to allow 2 minutes per station and 5 minutes for a change of line. Now that I knew this, he added with a glare, I need never be late again!
My Dad and I have been testing this theory ever since and have concluded that it more or less works. (But watch out for stations like Bank with v.long tunnels...)

Crunchie · 04/04/2002 11:26

The other route is Picadilly line 4 stops to Leicester Square and then Northern Line 3 stops to Waterloo. This has slightly less walking then the other route if bags are heavy.

Bit of advice is to make sure you can carry all bags easily and if you have a pram or pushchair you will have to lift it up and down stairs which ever way you go. 40 mins is ample time, provided there are no tube strikes!!

bossykate · 04/04/2002 12:12


that is the route that is recommended on

Crunchie · 04/04/2002 12:58

Sorry I just thought what I'd do

bossykate · 04/04/2002 13:13

wasn't a dig in any way, crunchie, just saying the site agrees with you! short of time so messages may appear brusque. sorry!

Copper · 04/04/2002 14:36

what happens if the train from Newcastle is late? It has happened before ....

jodee · 04/04/2002 15:15

Good point Copper, and there are usually engineering works done on a Sunday - if it was me I wouldn't risk it on the day. Teresa, do you have anyone down South you could stay with the night before, perhaps?

sis · 04/04/2002 15:50

Theresa, if the connection is to be made on a Tuesday, you're better off on the tube, but if you are travelling on a sunday, at that time of the morning, it will probably be quicker to get a taxi from the rank outside Kings Cross Station (or just flag one down on Euston Road). HTH and you have a great holiday.

Batters · 04/04/2002 16:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

THERESA · 08/04/2002 19:02

I am stunned by the number of replys to my enquiry! Thank you everyone. We've decided not to risk it and are going to stay overnight the night before!

OP posts:
Pupuce · 08/04/2002 19:20

I think that's wise... if your train from Newscastle is late then you're stuff....
BTW the Travel Inn at the County Hall (next to Waterloo Station and the London eye - along the Thames) has rooms for 60 GBP and its very good value. It is VERY quickly full so book now if you want to stay there.

DavidD · 09/04/2002 13:47

Theresa, my usual route between Kings Cross and Waterloo is Victoria Line to Oxford Circus, where it's a 15 yards "across the platform" sort of change to the Bakerloo Line for Waterloo. It's very straightforward and both lines are generally quick with frequent trains in the rush hour.

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