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Took kids (4 & 1 yrs) skiing - Reporting Back !!

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Mo2 · 11/04/2004 19:23

Thanks to everyone who offered advice (and clothing - thanks Essbee ) prior to our ski trip last week. For those of you who like "closure" (horrible word!) on these boards, thought I'd better 'report back' !

Basically we had a fab time - went to Austria with Esprit. Had fresh snow in the first 2 days and then sunshine, so the conditions were great.
The childcare was fab, and DS2 loved the nursery nannies, and DS1 (4) enjoyed the snow club, but didn't really seem to make that much progress on the skiing front this year. His ski teacher said he has the potential to be good, but described him as 'giving up too easily', which disappointed us a bit, since we've seen this in other things (e.g. swimming) too. We took him out on his skis on a couple of occasions too, and he just kept flopping down, saying "I can't do it..." (How can we motivate him to keep trying a bit harder? another thread in it's own right I suspect....)
Anyway, we also had some other interesting families in the same chalet and had some good evening chats over dinner. Found it fascinating to compare parenting attitudes and styles over the course of the week!

So, back now, tanned and with a mountain of laundry, but it was definitely worth it!

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Codswallop · 11/04/2004 19:24

well done!

did you mention Mn?

Mo2 · 11/04/2004 20:52

OF COURSE NOT Coddy.... talked lots about 'friends of mine who...', and 'someone I met through a Mums & babies group...'

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Codswallop · 11/04/2004 20:56

thought thtat might be hte case!
LIZS · 13/04/2004 08:55

Glad you had a good time. ds did the same first time out on skis - used to just flop over, but not fall - very frustrating! Many kids that age are the same and many don't last a full lesson at the beginning. Did they get to ride a lift or moving carpet up the slope as we found that added enough interest (and took less effort) to enable him to concentrate better and get more out of the lesson. It also is amazing the difference a year can make physically to their stamina and balance so don't give up hope !!

Vee33 · 13/04/2004 09:01

We went skiing for the first time this year (also with esprit)and they told us that until the children are about 5 they don't really have strong enough muscles to ski, and before then they are just getting used to being on skis. So perhaps that's part of the reason he kept flopping? My ds who is 5 was by far the worst in his class!

wilbur · 13/04/2004 09:01

Glad you had a good time Mo2 and thank you for reporting back. We were due to have a skiing hol with Esprit this year to Neustift but we had to cancel. We're thinking of it for next year so I'm pleased to hear that the childcare and snowclubs were good.

Mo2 · 14/04/2004 15:21

Ooh Wilbur - we're going to Neustift with Esprit next half term - do come too!!

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