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Port Lympne- Kent - has anyone been ?

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Pupuce · 29/03/2002 12:46

I wondered if anyone had been there (it's close to Hythe and Folkestone) - it's a sort of safari.
I wanted to bring my 2yo..
Any experience ?

OP posts:
Paula1 · 29/03/2002 13:14

It is the zoo owned by the late Aspinall guy, and now run by his son (the one where the tigers keep eating the Keepers!!) i've not been to that one, but been to their other zoo called Howletts near Canterbury in Kent - it is absolutely brilliant, and the Port Lympne one is supposed to be even better

Art · 29/03/2002 15:52

I have been, but not for years. Cant remeber much about it - sorry. But we will be spending time in Hythe in the near future, so if you find it successful or if you have any other ideas of things to do there, let me know.

tigermoth · 03/04/2002 22:25

Pupuce, my older son is going there with his beaver troupe in a weeks time. If you want the lowdown from a 7 year old boy's perspctive,I'll ask him to report back.

Pupuce · 03/04/2002 23:12

I'd love to... thanks Tigermoth.
I am planning to go with my 2...DD is a bit young to enjoy but DS (2 yo) talks of wild animals all day !

OP posts:
tigermoth · 04/04/2002 13:43

Ok Pupuce, will do. PS have you picked up their leaflet? The tourist office in Greenwich has a great stack of leaflets for Kent and Sussex attractions - this might be the case elsewhere in London as well. And is there a website?

susanmt · 04/04/2002 14:07

Blast fom the Past!!! I lived in Kent when I was at junior school and we went there on a day trip! It was brilliand (in 1979 mind you!) Now I live (literally) at the other end of the country but would go again if I was in the vicinity!

Pupuce · 04/04/2002 15:08

I've got the leaflet (but as you know.... if they get a good copywriter......) anyway....
Yes there is a website as well but can't find it just now.

OP posts:
pupuce · 23/07/2002 12:01

Just thought to ask if anyone had recent experience of this park... is my 2 1/2 too young for this ? Is it packed, etc ???

OP posts:
pupuce · 26/07/2002 10:53

Tigermoth... any news from your son ???

OP posts:
Alley22 · 30/08/2002 14:27

Hi Pupuce, how did it go in the end? Im taking my little boy to Howletts this weekend and he is only 22 months, but a recent trip to the zoo whilst on holiday confirmed how much he loved seeing the animals, I took him to farms last year when he was tiny, perhaps its me re-living my youth!!!

I think going September time when most kids are back at school is a good idea, not too busy for your 2.5 yr old, and also someone told me that when it starts cooling off a little the animals move around more, so if you are interested ill let you know how it goes. Anyone else here from Kent?

pupuce · 30/08/2002 14:52

Not gone yet..... I was hoping Tigermoth would tell us !

OP posts:
Alley22 · 30/08/2002 15:02

Im sure he would love it, u from Kent? you dont have to say if you dont want to. Im from Ramsgate, not much to do here - Ill let you know how we get on on Saturday and if there are any nightmare stories Ill let you know!

pupuce · 30/08/2002 15:04

I'd love to hear how it was- yes please keep me posted... I am from Tunbridge Wells myself!
Have you seen my post on mouth ulcers.... maybe not your cup of tea though !

OP posts:
Alley22 · 30/08/2002 16:16

yes i did, im so glad that I can hear others experiences and advice, especially as im one of those panicky mothers who is sure that i dont know enough about things.. and as Im quite isolated I dont really speak to others about problems - i dont have my own computer so i can only chat wed-fri.. i have an isolated job and im a single mum too, have been from day one. I cant tell you how lovely it is to speak to people here. Im taking my son to Howletts so that he forgets about his ulcers!
have a good weekend..

pupuce · 19/09/2002 10:07

Alley22 - How was it ???

OP posts:
Alley22 · 19/09/2002 12:47

Hi Pupuce, We both had a great time. We spent about four hours at Howletts, was quite expensive to get in even with money off vouchers, but ds loved looking at the elephants, tigers and the monkeys were fantastic. It was hard to work out who was behaving more like a child me, him or his uncle! Its quite a walk round though so I found he was in and out of his buggy a lot, which was okay all the time I kept moving the food and changing bag around so that it didnt keep tipping up! The shop I thought was expensive although I do like buying him things that we have both seen and experienced so I treated him to a tub of wild animals, cost £2.99.
Im sure your 2 1/2yo would love it. Take his buggy tho!
What I also think deserves a recommendation is Chessington World of Adventures, we went there a couple of weeks ago (and we got a good deal as it was a large booking - a coach so we got tickets and travel for £14) not sure how much it is normally to get in. We spent all day there going on rides etc, and when ds was tired we looked around the animals there which are a lot closer to see. A good idea to go with another parent and kiddie of same age I think, so your not wandering round toyland on your own..! It was fab.
Hope you have a great time if you manage to go to Howletts, I havent been to Port Lymne but Wingham bird Park is nice for an afternoon out.
How are you anyway?

pupuce · 21/06/2003 20:16

Thought I'd revive this thread,..... still haven't been but will definitely go this summer.... any other reviews ?

OP posts:
sykes · 21/06/2003 20:45

Have been with 3yr old and 17 month old. They enjoyed it - despite the rain. The gorillas were great, cafe passable. It's done in the name of conservation which helps as I loath zoos. Easy to walk around, some of the smaller animals are very hard to spot, but the elephants certainly aren't. I'd go back.

happycat · 22/06/2003 12:00

I have been loads of times and it is a good day out (we have a caravan very close by to the zoo).It is nice to go on an overcast day.Went last year and it was really hot you need to do alot of walking and there are some very steep hills so we found it a struggle with the pushchairs and small children so you do need to be reasonably fit to get around it all.Would not atempt to go around if you are pregnant e.t.c.

tallulah · 23/06/2003 17:42

I live up the road from Port Lympne & used to take mine as pre-schoolers every week! Best time to go is the winter, because it isn't so busy, but doesn't ever get so busy that it's unbearable.

There is a LOT of walking, so pushchairs are a good plan for little legs. You can ride the trailer, but they now charge for it.

We went a couple of weeks ago for the first time in ages, & were very shocked at how dear it is now.

pupuce · 01/09/2003 19:00

We finally went and I wanted to post that we thought it was great but VERY expensive... take a picnic is the number 1 advice as the food was poor and expensive. DS (3 1/2) and DD (2) loved it.

OP posts:
Boe · 02/09/2003 14:58

Colchester Zoo is IMO the best zoo around - I live in kent and drive all the way there because it is so great.

London Zoo IMO is awful and not worth visiting.

Went to PL when young and monkey threw poo at me and tried to pee on us through cage.

Owner very cute but has just got Donna Air(head) up the spout so no chance there!!

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