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Know any good days out in northern england?

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granarybeck · 08/04/2004 18:12

Any recommendations for a family day out in the north, me,dh,dd(5) and dd(6)?

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granarybeck · 08/04/2004 18:13

sorry dd(5) and ds(6). am new to this!

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miranda2 · 08/04/2004 18:39

Beamish museum probably the best bet.

Angeliz · 08/04/2004 18:40

miranda2, i was just gonna say that!! If anyone comes up with more i'd be interested!

If you go to South Sheilds, you can get a ferry to North Sheilds!!!(Not exactly a day out but dd loves it)

granarybeck · 08/04/2004 18:53

What kind of museum is Beamish?

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Angeliz · 08/04/2004 18:57
Angeliz · 08/04/2004 18:58

have a look at this

Angeliz · 08/04/2004 18:58

have a look at this

Angeliz · 08/04/2004 18:59

God loves a tryer

roisin · 08/04/2004 19:09

"in the north" ?! ... come on, give us a clue!

Loads of fantastic stuff in Manchester on a recent thread - Lowry, Museum of Sci and Industry, City Art Gallery.

Life Centre in Newcastle.

Diggerland in County Durham (somewhere - can't remember where - but it is fab).

Steam Trains on North York Moors railway ... and loads of other places too.

Eureka at Halifax, Magna at Sheffield (not been there yet but going next week ... Sheffield actually counts as "South" for me ...?!)

We are in Cumbria - loads of possibilities over here too.

granarybeck · 08/04/2004 19:35

am north of manchester, so yorkshire, lancashire etc all not too far

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Allegra · 08/04/2004 19:49

Scarborough for the beach, sea life centre, and Kinderland park .
Filey and Whitby are both nice seaside towns.
Flamingo land - leisure park with zoo
York - Jorvik centre, museums, national railway museum
These might be a bit far for a daytrip from Manchester though.

granarybeck · 08/04/2004 19:51

thanks for your suggestions, we always end up at Cannonhall farm so it will be nice to have a change

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roisin · 08/04/2004 19:57

Where are you granarybeck? Are you going to the meet-up at the Lowry on Monday with JanH et al? I'm in Barrow. Wish I could go, but got a hectic schedule this week, and can't fit it in.

Sorry back to topic ..

Camelot is fun for the kids - we got a good deal last year with airmiles.

Lake District - just walking along the side of the lakes.

Where are you Allegra? My parents are in North Yorkshire, and we know Scarborough and Whitby well ... I always wanted to take the kids on holiday at Scarborough, to relive my childhood in Peasholme park, but now we live at the seaside, so the urge has gone away.

roisin · 08/04/2004 19:58

Where's Cannonhall farm? Is it worth a trip? (I have two boys 4 and 6).

granarybeck · 08/04/2004 20:13

I am in sunny oldham, would much rather be by the sea too! only discovered mumsnet yesterday (am finding it very addictive)so had not thought of going to the lowry.

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granarybeck · 08/04/2004 20:14

sorry, forgot, cannonhall farm is near wakefield, set in lovely park, fantastic for young kids, can feed animals etc and good adventure playground. my two love it. see

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PamT · 08/04/2004 20:21

The Yorkshire museum of farming is good for kids. On Sundays there is a steam train which gives free rides (all included in entrance price), animals, farming machinery museum, cart rides, usually an easter egg competition over the holiday weekend, roman fort (often with mock battlers camping there), roman (or is it viking?) village with mud huts and appropriately dressed residents. It only costs about £10 for a family ticket. Signposted from the A64 at Malton near York (also known as Murton Park)

roisin · 08/04/2004 20:29

Hey - welcome to Mumsnet then!

I'm taking the boys to Leeds on Tuesday to stay with my db and sil, so we may check out that farm if we get some nice weather. Thanks for the link.

Janh · 08/04/2004 20:50

granarybeck, do come to the Lowry on Monday if you can, we are meeting at 1pm in the gallery part - should be 3 or 4 of us + kids if we all get there!

Janh · 08/04/2004 20:57

btw there are at least 2 others on mumsnet in Oldham - oliveoil is one, can't remember other just now but will try to find relevant thread for you.

I have a brilliant brochure from NW tourist place called Great Days Out, it covers Cumbria down to Cheshire. This page has kids' events in Tameside - might help? Post again if you want to look further afield, I used to do What's On for Lancs and Mancs for Primary Times and have loads of links, give me a clue where you would like to go!

Bozza · 08/04/2004 21:30

granarybeck we live about 5 mins from Cannon Hall - DS loves it. Tomorrow we are going to the Earth Centre near Doncaster. Another one we like is Harewood House which is near Leeds

granarybeck · 08/04/2004 21:32

WE really enjoyed the Earth Centre, hope you have a good day tomorrow

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