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Off the beaten track - Suffolk/Norfolk coast

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Sonnet · 07/04/2004 11:18

Is there such a place? - I fancy the coast for a couple of days and would loike soemwhere off the beaton tack - anybody got anywhere that they are willing to share

OP posts:
fisil · 07/04/2004 11:19


OK, very close to Cromer, but could be a different world.

throckenholt · 07/04/2004 11:24

what do you want to do there ?

dinosaur · 07/04/2004 11:26

Stayed in a little village called Burnham Thorpe a few years ago. (Nelson's birthplace) Close to the coast. Lovely.

CountessDracula · 07/04/2004 11:26

Walberswick? Or is that too beaten?

SenoraPostrophe · 07/04/2004 11:28

Just take the coast road and stop where you fancy!

Holme and Holt are nice.

Blu · 07/04/2004 11:34

All the small villages along the North Norfolk coast. Although not exactly off the beaten track during school hols, but there is no intensive development, and loads of open space. The section of coast between WElls-Next-the-sea and Hunstanton is probably the quietest, wild open beaches from Wells, through Holkham, Scolt Head and Brancaster to Thornham. The Lifeboat at Thornham does B&B, I think. Lots of B&B places along the whole coast nice and good value. You have to walk down across fields and salt marsh to all beaches except Wells and Brancaster, but that's what makes them so wild. Most of the viallages are attractive.

Coastal villages further East, Blakeney, Cley or Salthouse are all lovely, Salthouse is the smallest, only has a pub and a pond!

Inland villages very quaint, you need a car, wherever you go.

Blu · 07/04/2004 11:39

See! It's teeming with MN-ers!

Blu · 07/04/2004 11:42

Sonnet, I'm going up there for Easter - my Mum lives in the region. If you tell me a bit more about what sort of thing you fancy, i'll come back with the local mag that lists B&B's and other accommodation. Like would you rather be based in a small town and then travel, or be based in a remote hideaway (I think you can book B&B rooms in a real windmill in Cley), close to beaches, or whatever, or recommendations for 'attarctions' for kids.

Sonnet · 07/04/2004 14:00

Cheers everyone.
Well Blu, what I fancy is a B&B quite remote - have done Suffolk a few times and as Senorpostrophe suggested we normally drive about and "stop where we fancy" - BUT the downside of that is that we don't really settle - or DH dosn't and we seem to sepnd the days driving around - Quite fancy the Norfolk area you talked abot. I did go to Hunstanton once BUT wasn't very keen - stayed on the sea front but didn't see the sea at all it was too far out - this was pre children though, Now I'd we wading out there to find it....
Would love to be on the coast..
Any further help would be appreciated Blu
Cheers honey!

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 07/04/2004 14:08

Oh sonnett I know the place for you - we rented a fantastic little cottage for a couple of days, all beams, v romantic, log fire etc. In a small village with pub not far from Southwold


CountessDracula · 07/04/2004 14:08

ah sorry but not right on coast prob 10 miles

Sonnet · 07/04/2004 15:11

LOoks wonderful - thanks CD. Just checked and unfortunatly it is booked - but will keep it for another time when I'm more organised......

OP posts:
Blu · 16/04/2004 18:50

Sonnet, sorry I have COMPLETELY messed this up by leaving all the info I gathered in Norfolk, and now my Mum has gone away so I can't ask her to send it to me.
Basically I was looking out for good accommodation opportunities.
There is a pub overlooking the marsh, very isolated, at Thornham, called The Lifeboat, and I think they do rooms.
I spotted an ad for a place called Smokers Hole in a v quiet spot in a little, slightly inland village, Saxlingham, rooms and appts, it had won B&B of the year award.
The Bell in Wiveton, and the Bluebell in Langham do accommodation.
The (brilliant) pub in Burnham Thorpe is called The Nelson - good village.

Basically, I think if you can find places within easy reach of Wells-Next-The-Sea beach (but the town itself is quite busy, in a charming way), Holkham Beach or Brancaster, you will be happy! They are all fab wild beaches with easy access from car parking. And with dunes and good pine woods for Gruffalo-hunting. At Wells you can hire one of the much-photographed beach huts from Pinewoods Caravan Site for about £15 a day.

There is accommodation in The Windmill (a real windmill overlooking the reed beds)at Cley (nice village, shingle beach).

Sorry - I am sure you can track these down through websites or Directory Enquiries but I should have had phone numbers! - when are you hoping to go?

Blu · 16/04/2004 18:54

Oh, and don't miss a ferry trip to see the seals on Blakeney Point. You do get very close to them. Phone for times (they only go on high tide) and to book, 01263 740505 is one of the ferry companies. Bishops, Templetons and Roy Moreton are the others.

Blu · 16/04/2004 19:14 has links to accommodation and nice local views, and has a good accommodation list.

libb · 16/04/2004 19:32

Mum and Dad live up near towards Happisburgh (pronounced Haysborough), Mundesley, Sea Palling and Waxham etc., they are nice places to use as a base if you have a car and you can scoot either way along the coast - towards Cromer or Gt Yarmouth (although you will probably want to avoid the obvious part of Yarmouth!)

A car is a definite must but it is lovely as there is nothing like a Norfolk sky at night - I miss it ever so much sometimes.

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