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Duinrell holiday village

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hmb · 02/04/2004 18:23

Anyone been here recently? This is a posting, but it is from 2002. We are going there this weekend, for a week, and I'd love any feedback, hints, tips etc. The children are 7 and 4 and we are staying in a caravan.

lOkking forward to going, we need a break.

OP posts:
Marina · 02/04/2004 19:39

hmb, hope you have a fantastic time, all of you. Would be interested in hearing all about it near Efteling Theme Park for example. Come back and fill us in.

hmb · 02/04/2004 19:44

Its about an hour from there, but is next to the Duinrell theme park and Tiki pool, which is a big water park. this week is working out the same cost as a weekend in Centreparcs at the same time.

I'll be interested to see what it is like.

OP posts:
hmb · 11/04/2004 17:22

Just an update.

We had a great time. There is lots to do. You get 2 free hours in the water parc, which has lots for all ages from toddlers to adults.

The theme parc is also good, not as big as Alton Towers but lots for all ages. There are a few white Knuckle rides, but there is also a lot for the younger children. You get free admission all day which means that you don't feel that you have to rush around and do everything in a single day.

The caravan was excellent, cold in the mornings and evenings but soon heated up....but the heater would be a problem if you had toddlers. We paid extra to hire a go-cart for the kids and they were in seventh heaven. And all of this cost (for 7 days) the same is a weekend in Centreparcs at the same time.

I can recommend it to Mumsnet!

OP posts:
Marina · 11/04/2004 19:54

Thanks for the update, hmb, always on the lookout for a bargain (but does the saving include the ferry cost?). So glad you had a nice time and hope all is well.

hmb · 11/04/2004 20:16

Yes, it includes a short ferry crossing ie Dover Calais. we paid a bit extra for the tunner as we are all dreadful sailors! It also covered (IIRC) insurance. If you want more detains have a look at the Canvas website (we went with them). You can also go with Eurocamp and keycamp and TBH they are all much of a muchness. tiy can book direct, but that is in chalet style ac, so it bumps up the price.

A week was just right, but if you went in good weather you could also make the most of the beaches which were close and very good.....too cold atm.

OP posts:
Samlet · 26/05/2004 14:59

We went as a late summer holiday last year (last week in September) and got a week in a 3 bedroomed caravan plus ferry for £275 as a late deal. I'd agree with everything hmb says, although fire wasn't a big deal, we just put the laundry rack in front as a make-shift fireguard. Also two things if you have a small toddler:- we took a universal plug and turned the shower into a bath, and take care with the caravan door - it is up steps, and if open the net curtains can fool toddlers that it is shut - DD lent on the curtain and fell out! We loved it and plan to return for a half term before the children get too cool for a park like this. Plus Delft is nice to visit - mini version of Amsterdam, beach approx 3 miles from park was lovely, even in early October and Madurodam (miniature Holland) at the Hague was great.

Only gripe was that negotiating Dutch road signs was surprisingly hard - we got lost several times.

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