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Travel insurance for late pregnancy

3 replies

Frieda · 02/04/2004 14:31

Do any of you know anyone who offers travel insurance for late pregnancy (ie around 30 weeks?).

Many thanks in advance

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Utka · 02/04/2004 14:44

I had real problems at Christmas with this one, when I was 32 weeks pregnant. I tried the Association of British Insurers, who were very helpful, but who said that most policies only cover you up to 28 weeks. Given that some airlines are happy for you to fly with them until 32 weeks providing you have a doctor's letter, this seems mad.

In the end, we went to Belgium for Christmas, on the grounds that an E111 covered us for most basic stuff (but not the ambulance and emergency repatriation cover we'd have needed if the baby had been premature!!!). Fortunately, I didn't need anything.

Sorry not to be more help.

Helsbels · 02/04/2004 14:59

I am travelling to Spain at 29 and back at 31 weeks - I had terrible trouble getting insurance but finally went to Churchill who will insure as long as you are back in the country by 7 months. HTH and have a good holiday?

Frieda · 02/04/2004 15:15

Thanks, both of you ? I'll get on the net!

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