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have booked a holiday in Sorrento for Sept!!!

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miranda2 · 30/03/2004 21:25

Very excited!!!! Really just had to tell someone and my mum isn't answering the phone.
I spent all last week looking at brochures for Greece, but got quite depressed about the endless child stuff or if you don't get all the naff club stuff then you can't have separate rooms or its really cheap and nasty... (not that I'm fussy!) Finally decided what we really wanted to do was go to the Neapolitan Riviera, but couldn't find anywhere that wasn't a hotel (didn't want to be stuck with baby in room in the evening). Then, this morning the Portland Direct brochure dropped through the letterbox and bingo! They have a hotel with bungalows in the garden in Sorrento. Rang and booked instantly. Can't wait!!!!
Anyway, we'll be taking ds who'll be 3.2 by then (and maybe a foetus if things go to plan....) - any ideas/tips? I'm definitely going to go to Pompeii even if it is the most child-unfriendly place on earth, as I've wanted to go since I was about 9, but other than that its all up for grabs. If anyone's been, I'd love to hear your tips/comments!

OP posts:
Allegra · 30/03/2004 22:17

No tips as such as I went pre babies but I'm sure you'll have a lovely time. Try to take a ferry across to Capri for a daytrip. Its beautiful. Pompei is certainly worth a visit and I also liked Amalfi and Positano which are easy to get to by public transport.

LIZS · 31/03/2004 09:33

I loved that area. Pompeii is just as strange but fascinating as you imagine. Only thing to bear in mind is that there is very little shade there so take large sunhats, sunscreen and plenty of water. Also not buggy friendly at all. For me it was real wish fulfilment as I'd been to the Pompeii Exhibition which was held at the Royal Academy in 70's around the age of 6 and had been mermerised(that dates me!).

The coastline is lovely and you shoudl be able to take coach trips along the Amalfi Drive or boat trips to give yourself a bit of a break (you can go on a mini submarine in Capri). There is no beach as such though so hope your complex has a nice pool.

miranda2 · 31/03/2004 09:49

thanks! Do you think we should hire a car or just use public transport/organised tours?

Hotel has a gorgeous pool with lovely mountain views - mmmmmm. I'm going to be dreaming of it from now til September!

OP posts:
Min · 31/03/2004 09:55

We went to Sorrento for part of our honeymoon and it was fantastic. We did without a car for some of the time - using public transport to visit Pompei, Herculaneum & Capri. Then we hired a car for a few days to visit Positano, Amalfi and Ravello - all well worth a visit. It's good to have a bit of flexibility with your own transport so you can stop off along the way but I'm sure all can be managed without a car.

Twinkie · 31/03/2004 15:15

Oooo we are going to Ravello in July/August!!

Been to Amalfi and Positano and Sorrento - they are all equally lovely - I am sooo excited for you!!

We have hired a car as have to drive in land to a wedding and then down the coast to our other holiday cottage but we didn't last time as I was too nervous about driving the scary coast roads!!

Not sure what I would advise (well thats a first I hear you sigh!! ) - depends on how confident you are really!! Oh and parking is truely awful and terribly expensive - all along the coast!!

Amalfi has a very small beach though so you could go there for the day and wander around inthe town - there is a lovely little restaurant right next tot he beach run by 2 brothers and they do such yummy food!

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