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Does the Easter Bunny cross the Channel?

16 replies

Faith · 17/03/2002 12:32

Are chocolate Easter eggs peculiarly British, or are they available in France? My apologies for asking such a naive question, but we're spending Easter in France, and it occurred to me that, having seen the vast quantities of eggs in the shops DD's will be hoping for a taste! Do we have to take them, or can we get them there? I'll be quite happy with Belgian chocs!!

OP posts:
CAM · 17/03/2002 18:22

Yes they are available in France, I have seen fantastic ones in their chocolateries and patisseries. Don't take them when you can gorgeous French chocolate ones instead - actually, I've made my own mouth water now - can you bring me one back please?

Marina · 17/03/2002 19:05

Does he heck, Faith. France is the home of the life-size chocolate hen full of pralines, etc. They go much more for hand-made stuff from chocolate shops than branded Easter eggs.
Cam, let's place a bulk order now!

Pupuce · 17/03/2002 21:46

Faith..... how can you ask such a question ?!??!?

Hope you bring some back for all of us !

Faith · 17/03/2002 22:07

Sorry,sorry...I'm just sooo ignorant of French easter customs!! Thank you for that much needed reassurance! All virtual orders accepted! MMMm, my mouth's watering too just imagining all thaose yummy chocolate chickens!...alll that champagne...delicious meals...! can't wait!

OP posts:
SueDonim · 17/03/2002 22:25

And if you want to read a book about Easter chocolate in France, 'Chocolat' by Joanne Harris is just the ticket! No idea how true it is to French traditions, though.

Faith · 17/03/2002 22:31

Suedonim, you mindreader! Today I put 'Chocolat' in the box of stuff to take! didn't occur to me to actually read it first!...but I guess it will be the perfect time to read it whilst I am away.

OP posts:
SueDonim · 17/03/2002 22:47

LOL, Faith! Maybe you could read a bit of the book each evening and then make it your daily task to find each chocolate delicacy, as described in the previous night's chapter. Mmmmmm!

Jaybee · 18/03/2002 14:52

As said, they have excellent chocolate eggs but if junior has set their heart on a branded one i.e. Milky Bar, Monsters Inc, Tweenies etc. - take it with you as they are peculiar to UK.

Pupuce · 18/03/2002 15:43

Then again Jaybee.... you'd be amazed how merchandising crosses borders. Monsters, teletubbies,... are available in France as well !

mollipops · 25/03/2002 06:00

Have to agree pupuce, I'm in Australia and we have Milky Bar, Monsters, Harry Potter, Bob the Builder, Barbie, Pooh Bear etc eggs here too!

mollipops · 25/03/2002 06:03

Oh and Teletubbies too (in fact ds got Teletubbies Easter eggs last year!) (BTW we recently got The Hoobs and Brum as well on TV...Brum is pretty cute, haven't seen the Hoobs yet.)

fairy · 25/03/2002 12:22

I've just had a mind blowing experience in Woolworths!!!!

As I stepped through the door I was greeted by a huge pile of.........

POP IDOL EASTER EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has the world gone mad, and the bonus was that it included 4 pop idol jelly figures as well!

I must rest my head, the pain is all too much!

Marina · 25/03/2002 14:37

Fairy, when you have recovered please tell us which Pop Idols the jellies are meant to represent. The mind boggles...I hope one of them is not Gingivitis Rik.

fairy · 26/03/2002 22:20

To answer your question, I don't know I was running away too fast!!!!

mollipops · 27/03/2002 13:11

What annoyed me was the fact that Easter eggs started appearing in the shops in the first week of January! I mean, give us a break!

SueDonim · 27/03/2002 13:53

IKWYM, Mollipops - I'm fully expecting Christmas cards to appear on the shelves next week, once Easter is over.

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