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passport photo quality ....for baby?

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Newt · 24/03/2004 04:18

Could I get away with a quick snap of baby (14 weeks old)..I mean what quality does it have to be? It is hard getting her to be still for a good full on poker-faced there a standard at all?

OP posts:
MrsGrump · 24/03/2004 05:41

Yeah, get the passport application and follow the specs exactly; they are just as fussy about baby photos as adult ones. Must show one ear, no head covering, full face on, certain size, must meet certain brightness standards, really a pain! British passport Agency wouldn't accept a digital photo (printout), either from us although the American Embassy was fine about it for my son's US passports. For both babies we had best luck going to a chemist that specialises in passport photos it's been iffy if we could get any photos we took ourselves to pass.

spanishmum · 07/04/2004 11:23

I took a photo of DS lying on a white duvet cover. Much easier to do it lying down than trying to prop him up. I did it with a digital camera and then cropped it on the computer but you can always do it the old fashioned way with scissors! dont forget though that you need 2 or is it 3 photos the same.

dinosaur · 07/04/2004 11:43

To echo MrsGrump - they are very fussy.

For reasons I won't bore you with I had to go in person to renew my passport - the chap at the window next to me was refused a passport for his baby daughter because in her photo she wasn't looking straight at the camera!

yankiegirl · 07/04/2004 11:47

MrsGrump I am surprised that the American Embassy accepted a photo that the British passport agency wouldn't - as I had the opposite happen to me with my DS' American passport. What was really weird was DS' picture was the same spec as my picture for my American passport.

BTW - nice to see I really am not the only American living in the UK! I feel so isolated sometimes - as I am such a novelty in my area!

Chuffed · 08/04/2004 16:40

We have just taken a digital photo of dd (11days)and took it to Jessops who did a bit of photoshopping for colour/contrast and printed them off in packs of 4 like the instant passport photos. We did manage to get her facing forwards with her eyes open. Hopefully they will be acceptable, haven't sent them in yet.

happycat · 08/04/2004 16:56

We took dd to a phote shop used to be in asda but think supersnaps do it to.They were good with her laid her on a white background

OldieMum · 08/04/2004 20:38

Where do you live, Newt? There is a photographer in Abingdon who does cheap passport photos for children. He did a good one of dd when she was 3 months old.

manicmum · 08/04/2004 20:45

If there is an asdas or similar near try them. They can print any digital photo in a passport format. thats what I did for dd2 aged 14 weeks. her photo was in cot - white background and I got it checked (whole pport) at the post office. hope this helps

grumpyzebra · 08/04/2004 20:46

Yankiegirl: there are a fair few American Mumsnetters, see here .

Newt · 25/05/2004 05:54

Thanks for the advice everyone. Mrs were so right about how exacting they are!

I ended up getting THREE lots of photos from booth, (difficult getting 3 month old to stay sitting nicely on my lap without any of me being in shot!)and TWO print-outs from my digital cam/comp. They all looked valid to me..I thought the ones I did myself were best...All were laboriously signed on the back by my (patient)professional friend stating this is a true likeness' etc.

The ONLY one they accepted was one from the booth where dd is crying and looking like Ray Winstone, NOT the little angel she looks in every other photo! I did not bother showing the passport people this awful one initially, but having got myself to Victoria then queued for a couple of hours, I was just so happy that they accepted something!

Be warned everyone going for the same thing.
Literally a little bit of my arm at the bottom of the pic, not at all obscuring dd head was enough for the passpot people to say 'there is another person in this photo, therefore not valid'


OP posts:
SoupDragon · 25/05/2004 11:21

Newt, according to the Passport office website;
"Photographs and Babies
All applications must be accompanied by two photographs of the baby or child taken against a white background. In the case of very young babies, the baby's head can be supported as long as the baby's face is clear. A parent's hand in the picture is acceptable."

How annoying!

rolymoly · 25/05/2004 17:52

Newt, that's awful, they haven't followed their own rules. My dd's passport picturejust accepted a couple of week's agohas my hand in it, full across her tummy (it looks enormous), and a tiny bit of my face in the bottom left hand corner. And they said it was OK. I had printed that bit SoupDragon quoted off their website to take to the post office with me in case they queried it, but they didn't.

dinosaur · 25/05/2004 17:54

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This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

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