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Park and Ride south of Edinburgh?

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Janh · 23/03/2004 19:11

DH is taking the DSs to see Hearts play on Saturday and is also taking his mum along for a day out in E'burgh (she's nearly 81 but very game!)

He doesn't want to drive into the centre, and he's been told there's no parking at Hearts, so he'd like to park somewhere reasonably close and travel in by bus or train - recommendations please?

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tamum · 23/03/2004 19:20

Hmmmm. I don't think there are any genuine park and ride places, to be honest. I'm not sure whether this is an option in terms of buses, but there is a shopping centre in the south called Cameron Toll. This has a biggish car park and could in prinicple be used, I guess? I would honestly recommend just going to residential streets in the region. We live in Bruntsfield which is not too far and has lots of good buses into town (for your MIL)- we have residents and parking permits only during the week, but all bets are off at the weekend, and it's a free for all. It's very rare not to be able to park round here. The best place to look up bus routes is the LRT website. If you want to email me I'll tell you exactly where we live and your dh can park outside our house!

tamum · 23/03/2004 19:32

Actually, thinking about it, if you came in from the airport side of town towards Gorgie Road you pass a 24 hour Tesco with loads of parking. There's also Gyle, but that's a bit further to come in.

applepie · 23/03/2004 19:35

I think you can get the 3 bus from Cameron Toll to Gorgie Road direct - check the timetables on the LRT link.

tamum · 23/03/2004 19:37

Presumably what with you being the queen of google and all you've seen this , Janh?

Janh · 23/03/2004 19:42

Bugger - just wrote a message and then refreshed and lost it. Damn. That's twice this week!

Thanks for all that, tamum and applepie. Which side of town is the airport? He would be approaching from due South I think but could divert OK. Could he really park outside your house, tamum? Don't you need the space at the weekend? How easy is it to get to Hearts from there? Would they need to go into the centre and out again?

Hadn't seen the Hearts site, surprisingly! I'll get him to have a look!

OP posts:
tamum · 23/03/2004 19:47

Hi Janh, it's not a reserved parking space I'm afraid, it's just that there is always somewhere to park around here! It's not that far from Gorgie, but to go by bus you walk a bit first. I shouldn't think it would take more than about 20 minutes. The airport is pretty much due West of the city, on the way to Glasgow.

Oh, I've just had another idea- there's a place called Fountainpark which can't be more than 15 minutes' walk from the stadium. It has a big undergraound carpark that always has space (there's a multiplex cinema and gym there). You'd have to pay but it would be pretty easy all round. I'll try and find a map, hang on....

Janh · 23/03/2004 19:52

tamum, he says he thought he and the boys would get the bus into the city centre with grandma (then they can fix on a place to meet her later) and go out to Hearts from there; then reverse the journey after the match. So if he can park near you and get city centre buses from there that would be great.

OP posts:
tamum · 23/03/2004 19:59

Sounds sensible, just sent you a message!

Janh · 23/03/2004 20:01

Thanks, tamum! Looking out for it!

OP posts:
Janh · 23/03/2004 20:20

It came already - that was quick! (Thanks, Rachel!)

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