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Penrith, Cumb in hig hseason.

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misdee · 19/03/2004 22:46

thinking of going up there in july with dh and 2 dd's. anyone got recommendations of place to stay which isnt too pricey but still nice and not a flea pit?

OP posts:
chatee · 20/03/2004 11:04

i'm just outside carlisle but have a good friend in penrith so will ask her for advice early next week,do you need anything with special facilities or anything???

yamamoto · 20/03/2004 11:42

check out previous thread, Lake district in the summer 13th March. Suggested self cattering in this thread is really good with kids, lots of tame farm animals wandering about etc. You are welcome to use our adventure playground next door! Do you actualy want to be IN Penrith? If you want something a little cheaper let me know and Ill have a nose around with the kids this afternoon as weather is extra grim today and we have to go to Penrith to get Mday pressys anyway. (feel I should tick the 'Im a Dad box' here..!)

misdee · 20/03/2004 12:55

we are hoping going to an event at Greystoke Castle on the 3rd, and am still umming and erring over train up there or to drive. if we drive we can afford to be a bit further out from the greystoke/penrith area. If we decide on the train we will have to stay close by. i love camping so am ok with getting the tent out and 'roughing it' to some points (gotta have a shower on site tho).

OP posts:
yamamoto · 20/03/2004 23:50

bed and breakfast limited to Pub and a few not great looking places. No campsites in Greystoke. Bus connection from Penrith station #105 0915 1015 1215 1450 1710 1735 Mon to Sat around 25 mins.
Used to ride out from the castle stables before they were converted into flats around 5 years ago. Two Grand National winners were trained there as well as One Man! They do a lot of corporate stuff now as well as weddings. If you want to stay in Greystoke let me know and ill find something... weather v dodgy today. Sister lives there so she may know somewhere thats OK.

I would recommend bringing your car, Greystoke is pretty but you are only 10 mins by car from Ullswater, which is stunning. Plus loads more choice of where to stay.

You are more than welcome to stay at our campsite if you wish, actually it is the closest.. as well as being the Best! have excellent self catering and B&B. A little more rustic B&B can be found on 01768486292, top views here.

How long are you here for? Let me know if you need more info.

misdee · 21/03/2004 00:06

your site is one of the mains one we are looking at atm. looks lovely and homey. how much would the barn conversions be for 2 night (2nd-4th july?) probably out of my price range but looks stunning.

OP posts:
yamamoto · 21/03/2004 00:13

Barn Conversion and Holiday caravan already booked, sorry...

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