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Hotel Accommodation in London

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Xanthe · 11/03/2002 16:29

Does anyone know of any websites which can provide information on reasonably priced hotel accommodation in central London as a friend of mine wishes to book overnight accommodation for one night at the beginning of April? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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Pupuce · 11/03/2002 17:10

The Travel Inn is great - about 60 GBP a night and there are 3 in London - one of which County Hall is across from Big Ben (do a yahoo search as I don't know the URL but I know it's easy to find)

star · 11/03/2002 17:57

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JJ · 11/03/2002 21:38

Have her take a look at the Thistle Hotels website . There are sometimes some good offers in there.

Tetley · 12/03/2002 10:41

I'd definately recomend Also try

Xanthe · 13/03/2002 08:51

Thanks for all your suggestions. I have passed them on to my friend. I'm sure she'll be dead impressed by the speedy response!

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