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anyone taken kids to glastonbury festival?

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valleygirl · 18/03/2004 16:55


Am really keen to go to Glastonbury this year - been 10 years since my last visit - and take my dp and his kids. Was all excited about prospect, but all of a sudden today just started getting really worried about taking kids - who will be 4 and 6. Will I just end up being stuck in the circus tent or face painting zone the whole weekend? Am terrified of losing them, spending a fortune when there and just not getting the chance to do anything "grown up"!!
Anyone been and have lots of really great things to say about their experience with kids there, and is anyone out thinking of going this year?

OP posts:
JeniN · 18/03/2004 17:17

A friend of mine brought her little girl (6?) in for the day one year...but I do think she spent most of the day in the circus fields etc (sorry) BUT, I would say that if you like some of the smaller music stages (eg Avalon cafe, folky bits, any of the smaller marquees)they have quite a relaxed atmosphere and lots of grassy areas to run around on and interesting things and people for kids to look at and music to dance to, so you might be able to get a balance. There's certainly always loads of families there. Will the kids need to be in bed really early, or are they used to staying up a bit later/falling asleep anywhere - otherwise won't the evenings be a bit boring? I personally find the crowds a bit intimidating at times (and I'm 31!) especially in the evenings when loads of people are drunk and high...I'm sure the crime rates actually pretty low and no ones actively malicious, I just think it can get a bit scary. Sorry I can't help with actual experiences of this and hope that's not too negative...

dinosaur · 18/03/2004 17:25

There is another, more low-key, child-friendly festival in July every year - but I can't remember its name! My best friend from home used to take her boy from babyhood onwards, and our babysitter goes with her two little ones - I think it might be called WOMAD?

vivat · 18/03/2004 17:27

Do you mean the Big Chill Dinosaur - we've been for the last two years and loved it. There was about 15,000 people there last year so much smaller than Glastonbury, and so child friendly. We went in a big group with about 6 kids from 5 down and they loved it. Not sure about this year with a tiny one though (due in May !)

vivat · 18/03/2004 17:28

Womad is good too - but in the middle of Reading (we have been just for the day) so although people did camp, we didn't, and it is obviously on a much smaller site as in a city, so therefore more cramped than the Big Chill.

dinosaur · 18/03/2004 17:30

The Big Chill sounds excellent - are you going this year????!!!!

valleygirl · 20/03/2004 11:51

sorry didn't have a chance to get back to this enquiry since i've been busy packing and moving to my new house - thanks JeniN - you're postign did not put me off completely!! definitely has to be glastonbury if it's any festival this year - purely for the possibility of maybe seeing the pixies live again. big chill looks just that - very chilled. something to consider for next year I think.
anyone, anyone else who's been to share personal stories? there must be some other rocking mums out there!!

OP posts:
Beety · 21/03/2004 11:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lydialemon · 21/03/2004 12:21

I'm sooo jealous. Me and DH are would love to see the Pixies again ( but not enough to pay touts £100+ for tickets ) and would love to go to Glastonbury. Go, have fun! Just remember to write your mobile number on the kids in permanent ink, so if they do wander off someone can find you!

Tinker · 21/03/2004 12:59

There's an article about taking your kids to Glastonbury in today's Observer.

bea · 23/03/2004 13:47

lydialemon - the pixies are playing! ?flippin' 'eck makes me think of my student days when i started going out with dh!!! sigh! footloose and fancy free days!

libb · 23/03/2004 13:52

I plan to take my little one to Glastonbury when he finally makes his debut. It will have to be in a couple of years at the earliest though - which is pants this year because The Pixies are the bees knees!

lydialemon · 23/03/2004 13:58

Dh was always very proud that he has seen every London Pixies gig (I missed 1 )So we are so gutted not to be able see them at all in June.

The answer must be to ban everyone from going who wasn't old enough the first time around! Bloody students

vivat · 23/03/2004 14:00

Dinosaur - i don't think we're going to go this year which is a shame, but I'm not sure that i'd enjoy it as much with a little 'un. I think we'll wait till next year. Also my sisters aren't planning on going either - and they have done quite a bit of babysitting for us the last two times !

valleygirl · 23/03/2004 17:22

decided to go see pixies at V Festival in Chelmsford instead - a definite appearance as opposed to a "possible, unconfirmed appearance" at glastonbury. and also it will just be me and my fella. am gutted about the brixton gigs - though i have a friend who once worked for 4AD and who's son is the ugly baby on the cover of the Gigantic EP who says he might be able to get me some tix! i agree - ban anyone under the age of 30 from attending.

OP posts:
lydialemon · 23/03/2004 17:30

Have fun! Post a review when you get back, so I can silently seethe with jealousy comfortably at home.

valleygirl · 23/03/2004 17:36

if you are in the s.e or midlands you can get a day ticket to either the chelmsford or the staffordshire v festivals where the pixies are playing consecutive days - and rather than £100 for the brixton tickets it's only £58 for the whole days' events. i'm going on the sunday for the pixies, missing out the saturday and therefore dido!

OP posts:
soyabean · 22/06/2004 18:16

I have won tickets for vfestival and am taking 12 yr old ds. We are both v excited! Any of you wise ones out there have any tips? We are in London: would you drive or take train? Camp or come home at night and back next day? (I think I know the answer to that one but a comfy bed is quite appealing...)
What are the essentials to take? Any tips about when to arrive, where to camp, etc etc?? I have somehow got to this late stage in my life without ever going to a w/e festival so am all at sea.

soyabean · 13/07/2004 14:15

I thought I would revive this thread a) to find out how those who went to Glastonbury got on and b) to see if anyone has been to Vfestival before (Chelmsford) and can advise about camping, arrival time etc. I have posted on Travel about the possibility of staying in a hotel in Chelmsford but think its perhaps too wimpy and also too late too book. I will be with 12 year old ds. We are both v excited about Pixies, he loves Muse, both like Strokes, Kings of Leon and many more. And I want to see badly drawwn boy and Scissor sisters. Valley girl are you still going? Anyone else?
I have been on the festivals website but the concerns of the posters there seem kinda different to mine... Maybe I come across as a bit of an old fogey, I'm not, honest!

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