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Hotel or Guest house near Calais

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Faith · 01/09/2001 21:13

We are off to Calais in November (hopefully) to stock up. Does anyone have any, eating, places to stay (we need a quadruple room)or advice.

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Debsb · 02/09/2001 20:54

we stopped at hotel l'escale just outside Calais on our way back from the Vendee. We've used it before, and its a really nice, small, logis de france. Very handy for Calais & Boulogne. Its got a little kiddies playground and a very good seafood restaurant. They do have a quadruple room, which costs 420 FF per night. They also have a website - I think its, and we booked our rooms via e-mail. Not sure about anywhere else in Calais, as we generally just pass through, but we did get a brochure on the way in. There is a website covering the whole of northern france, but can't remember the name, scan for Calais & you'll find it.

Faith · 04/09/2001 17:00

Thank you for that. Sounds perfect. I'm just off to check out the website. Thanks again.

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Willow2 · 04/09/2001 19:46

If you get a chance go to Le Channel (yeah, not very original I know) for lunch or supper. Fantastic fish restaurant that I was introduced when I had to go over to Calais for work. Was taken there by the Calais Press Officer... and have since been back about four times. Brilliant set menus varying in price from about £13 to £40 (last time I went which was about 2 years ago) - definitely worth a visit. Not sure how child-friendly the place is though as didn't have one at the time!

Faith · 22/11/2001 20:53

Debsb, just to let you know, we've booked into the hotel l'escale..thanks for the recommendation!

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