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toddler days out near Wellingborough?

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Zerub · 14/03/2004 17:34

Does anyone know of anywhere near Wellingborough to take toddlers for a day out? My parents live there. My brother and his wife and 23mo son are visiting (they live abroad) and we are going there for the day (me, dh, 22mo dd). My mum thinks a nice day will involve 6 adults and 2 toddlers sitting around in her very tiny living room, and going for a pub lunch. Somebody please rescue me from this - suggest somewhere we can go!

OP posts:
Jane101 · 16/03/2004 10:24

I live in Northants so I feel I ought to know the answer to this, but I'm finding it hard to come up with anything. Two possibilities (not in Wellingborough itself) are Wicksteed Park, Kettering ( or Zoobie Island (01604 675 222) which is a children's play centre (ball pits etc.) in Northampton. Unfortunately, I haven't been to either myself, so they aren't really recommendations.

Sonnet · 16/03/2004 10:52

I've been to Zoobie Island - great place to go i n the week - never been at th eweekend though maybe a bit busy.
Other places to try:
1.There is an open farm place at Desborough - not sure of the name but know it is in Desborough.
2.Kids Kingdom in Kettering - but will be busy at weekend!!
If I think of anywhere else I'll post.

Jaybee · 16/03/2004 11:27

Like Jane, I also live in Northants but struggling to come up with anything - I would agree that Wicksteed Park is a good day out if the weather is good. I am, personally, sick of Zoobie Island since dd's Birthday last December she has been to about six further parties there with another two coming up. It is ok though. The farm park at Desborough is West Lodge
I will try and think of something else although I don't really know Wellingborough that well, apart from the rugby club.

Sonnet · 16/03/2004 11:59

of Course - west lodge..Thanks for that Jaybee...

Jaybee · 16/03/2004 12:37

What about Northampton and Lamport steam railway - would be about 10 miles from Wellingborough - if either of the toddlers are into trains. There is also a nice walk along the railway line.

Zerub · 16/03/2004 12:38

Oh marvellous - will investigate those then. Thanks!

OP posts:
Jaybee · 16/03/2004 12:45

Sonnet/Jane101 - whereabouts do you live in Northants?

Jane101 · 19/03/2004 09:46

Long Buckby - about half way between Northampton and Rugby.

Jaybee · 19/03/2004 09:51

Not far from me then, I am in Towcester. Ds played rudby in Long Buckby last weekend, he is 10 and I also have a dd who is 7. How old are yours?

Jane101 · 19/03/2004 10:04

Jaybee, ds is 3 and d? is due in September.

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