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sugestions for days out for a six month old

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mummytojames · 12/03/2004 22:12

i live in newport and i drive so distance not realy a problem i have done every park and stuff in newport but running out of ideas he love trees and animals well to look at anyway so i was hoping for somewhere out doors where he can get fresh air while we push him around he doesnt like staying in one place for to long he like the movement of his pushchair
dont mind paying but not to expensive as we are on a bit of a budget
hope you can help me

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musica · 12/03/2004 22:21

Bristol Zoo is very nice if you want to drive that far. It's about £8 to get in, but if it was something you wanted to do regularly, you can get annual membership which is good value. It's beautiful in the spring too.

mummytojames · 12/03/2004 23:29

i thought of that one but it would be very hard for me as i dont agree with keep animals locked upin cages we were thinking of longleat in the summer but its trying to find things up until then

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carlyb · 14/03/2004 20:10

I have been to Longlet and LOVED it. It was great and I would go again. We took a picnic as well as there is loads of space.

my ds loves bizarre days out. For instance - the local fish shop!! (much cheaper than an aquarium!), pet smart and he adores MFI! I thijk it is all the space he can have a good run about.
Trying to remember what we did when ds was 6 months old. try

Coddy · 14/03/2004 20:14

are you going for you or for him?


(Oops caps)

Mine used to LOVe towns ans get well pissed off in the country

mummytojames · 14/03/2004 23:10

coddy the days out are for him and dp im basicaly taxi for them i want some where out doors because im trying to get as much fresh air in him as possible where possible the reason i want to take him different places is because i want him to see new thing like animals and stuff we took him to one park by us and we saw a squiral and the first time he saw it he was wide eyes following it we took him to anther park a week later and showed him a squiral again and he just looked at us daft and thanks for the web site will have a look there now

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mummytojames · 14/03/2004 23:15

my ds hates going into town dont like lots of people around him he seems to get scared where he would cry to be taken out of his pushchair and hold onto us for dear life not ure why though because a month ago he loved town and people but now its a stugle to leave the room or leave him with someone without him looking for us constant also strange because up until he cut his first two teeth he didnt care who had him as long as they fed him now all he seems to want is us so trying to find a way to get him around other people but where he could look at other things and not feel nervous
we were thinking the beach in the summer same as the holiday but its up until then going awayin may

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emsiewill · 14/03/2004 23:17

Which park by you mtj? (just being nosey now). Not Beechwood by any chance? Of course, you don't have to say if you'd rather not.

emsiewill · 14/03/2004 23:19

Oh, and Noah's Ark Zoo Farm (or similar name) is good fun, if you ignore the creationist messages.

here is a thread talking about it.

mummytojames · 14/03/2004 23:47

yes em its beechwood sounds as if you know it well

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emsiewill · 15/03/2004 13:25

know it, love it, live round the corner from it. Spend lots of summer afternoons there.

mummytojames · 15/03/2004 22:19

if you dont mind me asking em where abouts do you live by there because im from the old barn

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emsiewill · 16/03/2004 20:14

Don't want to be too specific, but I'm at the bottom of the park - main road into town?

mummytojames · 17/03/2004 22:44

know where you mean we should meet up some time in the town

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emsiewill · 18/03/2004 15:05

Cor, a Newport meetup - that would be cool. We should get the Cardiff and S Wales people along (Bron, jac34, Cerys, zippyb, I'm sure there's others)

mummytojames · 19/03/2004 23:56

sounds like a great idea

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