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Barbados, tips please, I'm so excited and I just can't hide it I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!

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Rhiannon · 05/03/2002 11:15

Booked to go for Christmas last night, staying at Bouganvillea. Tips on everything please. We are self catering. R

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berries · 05/03/2002 13:00

no tips but soooooo jealous.

berries · 05/03/2002 13:00

2nd thoughts, fancy an live-in holiday nanny, no qualifications but plenty of exp?

bundle · 05/03/2002 15:24

we went a few yrs ago...stayed on west coast, v gentle, shallow waters, also hired car to explore rest of island - v easy in a day. we did our shopping in supermarkets, which were quite cheap, eating out can be pricey, as was the fish surprisingly. beaches on east coast much more rugged - I think one was called Crane beach, had the most amazing pinky sand, and a hotel up some steps to lunch at. I don't know if the cricket will be on then, but the atmosphere is incredible, even if like me you're not a fan. our favourite pastime was to see how long we could resist having our first pina colada of the day...usually around 4pm. mmmmm. you lucky thing.

Liza · 05/03/2002 15:38

Have been to Barbados for 18 years and it never tires although it's getting very crowded now, especially on the roads.

Bougainvillea is lovely and very laid back - great for kids. The only food I would take is cheese if you want your cheddar - otherwise the supermarkets are brilliant. There is a large openair market in Bridgetown on most days where you can buy lots of fresh fruit and veg, meat, fish, etc.

The east coast is bril - Crane Beach is mostly now timeshares but still does a good lunch. The other one on that coast is Edgewater Inn - very romantic. The buses are very good and you can travel all round the island for £1.50, if a bit hard on the seat.

Make sure you have plenty of high SPF sun lotion - very strong between 11 and 3pm. Rum punches good but strong also.

Call in to a small hotel on the west coast called Inn on the Beach - very friendly people.

Have a great time.

Rhiannon · 05/03/2002 21:37

Thanks girls, keep it coming. R

OP posts:
Lizzer · 06/03/2002 12:53

LOL Rhiannon - 'and the winner of best title for a thread goes to....' Fantastic for you, jealous doesn't even touch what I'm feeling

Rhiannon · 13/10/2002 12:07

Now I'm getting reeeeeally excited. Are we going to get bitten by mossies?

Will we need cardies/body warmers?

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Willow2 · 13/10/2002 13:22

go horse riding if you like that sort of thing - let me know if you do and I'll see if I can find the number of the stables we went with. Fantastic treks from West to East coast and our guide Otis was just brilliant, told us about all the flora and fauna, kept jumping off his horse to pick various bits of yummy fruits and green coconuts for us, it was just magical.

Tissy · 13/10/2002 14:08

We went for our honeymoon 4 years ago at the end of November. Didn't see a single mossie. I think the evenings were cool, but not cold.

There's loads to do, but you can do it all in a few days, leaving the rest of the time for beach-lounging. I'd recommend the caves- can't remember the name, but they have a little train that takes you through a cave system with stalactites and stalagmites etc.

Rhiannon · 14/10/2002 12:39

Thanks v.much, can't horse ride but am excellent at sun bathing.

Is eating out at expensive as I am being told it is? Are there any could inexpensive ones?

OP posts:
prufrock · 14/10/2002 14:05

Rhiannon - so much to tell you - dh's folks have a house out there (not the only reason I married him but...) and BIL is general manager at Sandy Lane so you could say I'm a bit of an expert. There are some cheap places to eat - will post more later as I really must do some work

Willow2 · 15/10/2002 12:56

rhiannon - you don't have to be able to horse ride - my husband couldn't. Plus they go at the right pace for your level of expertise.
Eating out isn't particularly cheap - local haunts are best - the Fishermans's bar in Speightstown did good bajan food - and Rhoti huts have got to be the best fast food in the world.

Rhiannon · 11/12/2002 19:41

I really am excited now, 12 hours to go. Merry Christmas all. Will try and bring home some sunshine. Back in a couple of weeks. R

OP posts:
prufrock · 23/12/2002 22:18

Rhiannon,felt awful that I'd forgotten to put any more, but then saw that you had logged on from Barbados (you addict you) so hopefully this will get to you and be some help.

Barbados is the only country in the world that Mcdonalds has tried and failed to conquer. This is mainly due to the wonderful "Chefette". they do good, cheap fast food (the roti's are wonderful) and some of the bigger ones have bbq barns, with big play areas for the kids. There is a very good sports bar in Rockley called Bubbas for something a bit more sit down. St Lawrence Gap has some very nice restaurants (Pisces is wonderful) at slightly more reasonable prices than the west coast. If you feel really lazy, the KFC at Rockley will deliver!
Tuesday night buffet at the Waterfront on the Careenage in Bridgetown is v. reasonable (BBD50 all in) you might need to book. The pepperpot is great (a sort of oxtail stew) but the kids might not like it. They will like the live steel pan band

The BEST thing I have ever done in Barbados was to swim with the turtles at the Lone Star beach. No private beaches in Barbados so you can just go theri, and their is usually a guy selling bags of raw fish taht you can feed to the turtles (but watch your fingers. DD probably won't be able to see them (they tend to stay at least a couple of feet under the wter) but ds should love it. If you want to do it properly, you and dp can "snuba" - like scuba but tank stays in a float and there is no need for training - leaflets for it are in all the tourist spots.

Harrisons cave is fun - lots of stalactites and stalacmites, but the film beforehand is a bit boring.
My favourite beach is down at the old Hilton (now knocked down) at Needle point. Nothing to do, but the waves are great and the beach is usually deserted apart from a few locals boogie boarding. definately try to take a trip to along the East coast road, specially to Bathsheba - its a totally different Barbados, but you should also try the west coast - all the beaches are open to the public so you could even go and park yourself on Sandy Lane beach and do some star spotting. Mullins is also good.

You should be fine with Mossies this time of year, hopefully you haven't already discovered the awful sandflies.
On Xmas day, the church services are something else - my dh still remembers being taken to a service by the housekeeper that started a 6am, and not getting out of the church until midday!

I am now getting v. v. jealous. Hope you get this, and that you are having a great time.

Rhiannon · 29/12/2002 15:50

Thanks for that, unfortunately just reading it on the 29th and I've been home for 2 days. Thanks for the advice though. We had a fabulous time and I'd recommend the Bougainvillea hotel to anyone.

We went on a Harbourmaster cruise, went to Bridgetown a couple of times and spent the rest of the time chilling out on the beach.

We did find Bubbas which the boys enjoyed more than me due to the large screen sports TV's.

Shells in Worthing was a nice restaurant but unfortunately not on the beach.

Can't wait to go back.....

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