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Airport Lounges

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highlander · 09/03/2004 18:14

Sorry if I'm preaching to the converted, but I've just discovered that you can buy access to business lounges at airports. Inclusive tea, coffee, snacks & booze and nice comfy armchairs.

Why didn't I know about this years ago....

OP posts:
highlander · 09/03/2004 18:14

sorry, forgot to add it's £18/adult and approx £9/kid

OP posts:
Angeliz · 09/03/2004 18:45

My dp gets in those places and took me and dd in once on our way to Ireland, they wouldn't let dd in! No kids at Newcastle allowed!
I wasn't bothered as she had lots of fun people watching with me

SueW · 09/03/2004 21:46

It's funny isn't it, this airport lounge business?

We looked through one of the Platinum family holiday type brochures and there was an option to upgrade to use the business lounge but no under 12s admitted.

We've flown business class with DD when she was under 5yo and used Emirates' and Malaysian Airlines' (or their partners' lounges without any problem.

Quackers · 10/03/2004 11:22

Yes, depends on the airline if they will let children in. Generally, they need to be 8 or 12, but as you say there are some that allow it earlier. It's something that should be changed. These lounges could have a room for children to play in with videos, toys etc.., afterall the vast majority of the time children over 2 have to pay the full adult fare and for Business clas that's not cheap!! I think it's a matter of time as there are definiately more and more children flying in the premium cabins and sooner or later someone has to be bold and accomodate them so that that it pleases everyone!

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