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Which buggy for hol's?

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MaggieW · 07/03/2004 16:32

We're going home to NZ for a month with DS 2, and DD 9 months. Currently we use either Emmaljunga pram with toddler seat or smaller buggy with buggy board. I'm going to hire a buggy while there but not sure what to get - should I get side by side for times when they're tired, esp in first week or should I take single and buggy board and make do? We're going on a 1030pm flight so need to consider what we do while at Heathrow while waiting and also in Singapore during 2 hour stopover as both could need a buggy - any suggestions please?

OP posts:
zebra · 07/03/2004 16:59

Could you take a backpack for the 9 month old, and then the single buggy without buggy board?
Actually, one trip when kids were 1yo & 3yo, we just took 2 baby/kiddy backpacks and no buggy at all.

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