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Child friendly stylish hotels New York , or am I mad!!!

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melsy · 06/03/2004 10:28

Looking to go to New York Sept 04 and need to think about booking very soon. We will be taking our dd whoe will be a year old that month. We have loads of airmiles so flights will be paid for through that. Dont fancy anything like the Plaza, or anything to traditional. So far I have looked at :
Southgate Tower Hotel
Any reccomendations??

OP posts:
jmg · 06/03/2004 14:05

Why don't you look at these sites they all give good reviews and include lots of customer feedback. Some of them have child friendly as one of the criteria.




In terms of prices I have found quikbook to be the cheapest.

Good luck - I hope you find something you like.

By the way all the Ian Schragger hotels sell themselves as being child friendly - I really liked the look of the Royalton.

melsy · 06/03/2004 16:49

I have city search & I do like Shrager hotels,although frequented by what I call the painful people!! I like Sanderson here, but Shragers dont seem to be classed as family friendly.

OP posts:
jmg · 06/03/2004 16:59

If you go to the ianschrager home page here and click on kids you get the groups policy for children which I thought was quite impressive. Havent stayed there with kids though so can't tell whether they deliver what they promise!!

melsy · 06/03/2004 17:08

Funny how the website city search says it isnt and they seem more than geared up. I might phone them there morgans, Royalton & Paramount. See how they come accross on the phone about it.

OP posts:
melsy · 06/03/2004 17:12

& theres the Hudson too , Ohmy word how to choose. Although the bar at Hudsons reminds me of the ending of Space Oddyssy 2001, whihcb kinda creeped me out!!!

OP posts:
alibubbles · 06/03/2004 17:21

The Four Seasons is great for kids. They have their own check in desk, mini bathrobes and milk and cookies delivered to your room, free, 5 mins after check in!

Our children were treated like royalty and had a brilliant time, was a while ago though.

melsy · 06/03/2004 17:24

That sounds fab Alibubbles - long time no speak. Kayleigh said she met you last week

OP posts:
alibubbles · 06/03/2004 17:29

melsy, look here younger guests Right next to Central Park, lots of info on what to do, free stroller hire, pureed food, toys, books, change bags etc - Worth a look!

melsy · 06/03/2004 17:34

I just plugged in the dates for four seasons and there is no availability. Just my kind of place, although would like to spend a little less per night. Just looking at your next link.

OP posts:
alibubbles · 06/03/2004 20:26

Always worth trying the booking agents as they often have the rooms on allocation and they can be cheaper than booking direct. Try putting Four seasons New York, into google and you get lots of hotel booking agents.

SofiaAmes · 06/03/2004 22:10

Melsy, are you in london? Why not do a house swap? There are always lots of people on (look for the london site) from nyc looking for places in england.

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