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Car seat problem

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Bee100 · 27/02/2002 22:55

I hope someone can help me! I don't have a car and at the moment my DD is still in her 0+ group carseat and so it easy to carry around and take in and out of taxi's etc. However, once she grows out of the 0+ I am worried about how I will get her from A to B as there is no way I will be able to get one of the great big carseats with no carry handles in and out of taxi's and be able to carry them and her around once I've reached my destination. Does anyone know of one that folds up/has carry handles/is very compact or has anyone come up with a solution to this problem. Surely not everyone has a car!!!

OP posts:
Tinker · 27/02/2002 23:32

Bee100 - my daughter's car seat was from Toys ARE Us (refuse to use their spelling!). I can't remember the age range exactly so you may need to check but it was cheap (£20.00 approx)and made of just polystyrene so very light to carry around. Converts into a booster seat as well.

Marina · 28/02/2002 10:28

Bee100, there are several lightweight carseats on the market which are ideal for short-hop occasional journeys (such as taxis, minicabs etc). Try the Klippan Folda, which I think is the only one that folds and reclines. We have a similar light one for my parents' car, the Britax Ranger, which folds up but not half as neatly. The reason why we opted for the Britax nonetheless is that it has a better set of safety test results, to be frank.
You could always have one of those bags they sell to pack car seats safely for air transportation, which would at least keep it contained as you schlep around.
Having nearly ruptured myself and bopped a sleeping baby on the head when trying to shove our own, heavy-duty seat into a friend's car, I know just what you mean about the unwieldiness of some Group 1 seats. And as a veteran of a huge range of public transportation with toddler in tow, you have my admiration for sticking with it.

knakered · 02/04/2002 15:36

does anyone know of a car seat for 3 year old that would fit on the middle lap seat comforatble so he could sleep and safe?s

susanmt · 04/04/2002 01:30

My Britax Club Class goes in the middle safely, and a friend of mine uses hers for her 4yo still. Very comfy and of course safe.

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