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Noah's Ark Zoo Farm near Bristol

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emsiewill · 03/03/2004 07:45

Has anyone been here? We went during half-term, and the children (dd,7 dd,4 and nephew,6) really enjoyed it. They have a big indoor play area (in a freezing cold barn - kids don't care, but all the adults were shivering), a big outdoor play area, lots of different animals, a hedge maze (not actually grown yet, but apparantly will be soon - not sure how that works), tractor rides, talks about animals, loads of picnic benches, a cafe serving sensible food (although it was a bit small, but in the summer, that wouldn't be a problem). It cost £32 for 2 adults, 1 OAP and 3 kids to get in - family ticket (2+2) was £22, I think, and they do a 1+3 ticket for £19.

The only thing that I have a slight reservation about is that the whole thing is based around Noah's Ark (so all the animals have some kind of link to the Ark), and is also full of information about how evolution is not necessarily what really happened, and loads of scientific "proof" that creation may be the real truth. (eg it talks about a family tree from the 16th century that showed the Royal Family of the time being directly related to Noah) I found it fascinating, although slightly strange - thought creationists lived in the deep south of America - but you could easily go there and not realise that they had an "axe to grind" - I know my MIL and SIL didn't notice. Interested to know if anyone else has been there, and what you thought.

Here's a link to their website

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WideWebWitch · 03/03/2004 09:47

Yes, Emsiewill, I went years ago, when ds was about 2.5. It was a brilliant day out but I agree with you about the Ark and all that. I wasn't too happy about it but ds was too young to take any notice so I don't suppose it mattered. We were also invited to go when they collected eggs from the hens and we saw baby chicks and I just remember the sun shining and ds having a fantastic water fight in the yard with his friend and we all went home damp, tired and very happy. I went with lovely friends though so maybe my memories of the day are partly based on the good company that day. We should go again now we live near there.

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