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Taking two year old to Turkey

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lindaUK · 24/02/2002 20:16

has anyone been to Turkey with a two year old as I would love to hear of their experiance's, their will be four Adult's in the party so we will have plenty of help for a very active two year old

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callie · 24/02/2002 20:38

Hi , linda , Have you already booked?? I don't want to critise Turkey if you have but when I went 4yrs ago I didnt rate it.
I stayed in Gumbet and dh and I went alone. It was the HOTTEST place I have ever been and at the time it seemed v primitive, ie no pavements only dirt tracks. There was also lots of stray dogs.
Our experience was probably not helped though by the fact our room was not Air conditioned.
It does have some good points though, the people are v friendly and it will NOT rain.
Tell me more about where your staying?

lindaUK · 24/02/2002 20:55

HI Callie, yes we have booked for two week's in August for Marmaras self catering, I have been in Turkey several time's before but never with a child. The Apartment is Air conditioned.
I have also been in Gumbet and know what you mean by the roads and dogs etc but Marmaras is a bit better and a much larger resort

OP posts:
milo · 25/02/2002 17:20


We went to Turkey last Sept with my little girl who was 2 in October. We had a wonderful time, we went to OLu Deniz. The hotel was air con which was
a great help. People were very very friendly and
couldnt do enough for us. Hotel was spotless. We
loved it so much we are going back again in Sept.

maras · 25/02/2002 19:48

Hi Linda,
We have been several times to Turkey with children due to fact that dp's parents live there. They have a holiday house on the coast a couple of bays along from Marmaris. We went when ds was 10 months, then again when he was just 3 and dd was 14 months, then again early last summer when ds was nearly 4 and dd nearly 2. It was certainly easier when they were smaller as although I love the heat, it's easier when they're smaller to hit the beach early in the morning and late afternoon and then spend the middle part of the day indoors or at least out of the sun. The more mobile and active they are the harder that gets. Last summer we went in May, hoping to avoid the high temperatures but we were caught out - it was actually raining a few days before we arrived - and then they had a freak heat wave with temperatures in the high 30's for all the time we were there. Last summer I did find our time there particularly "hard work"...and for the first time in my life I actually felt relieved to get home! But this was due to lots of factors. The bay where we go has no sand and not much shelter from the sun - so the water is very clear and warm - swimming is blissful - but that's it. There's not really anywhere for the children to run/dig/play when they're not in the water. (I think Marmaris is sandy...I'm not sure) Main problem for them was lack of sleep - both refused to sleep in the day, and as we were with family and friends with slightly older children - they would eat out with us in the evenings (joy oh joy!) most nights - and although I insisted we ate as early as possible - it still made for too many late nights and hence melt down behavior a lot of the time! Also dp went into holiday opt out mode and enjoyed relaxing with his family and friends while I was kiddie chasing and trying not to act like a deranged worn out mum that I am "thought this was my holiday too!!" So my top tip would be to enforce a siesta on everyone!!
Also my dd hit a particularly clingy phase - probably not helped by strange sourroundings and heat - and refused to walk or go in her buggie - but had to be carried everywhere - and you've guess it - only by me!! I know I should feel flattered!!
But these are personal gripes and I don't want to put you off!!! Turkish people are very friendly and hospitable and love children - often in restaurants and bars the waiters would take one of the children off for a parade round the tables so I could at least get some food down!!
(I think I was also a bit put out as I had mistakenly assumed that mil would offer to baby sit a bit....and as they are so indulgent towards our children - understandably as they don't see them that often - I found it was very hard to correct the bad behaviour - which of couse just got worse!
You will not have these issues to deal with - so I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time!!
If you need any more details about the area just ask!
The best day of the holiday was when a group of us hired a boat - medium size with sun canopy - and cruised along the coast - stopping to swim in deserted bays and have lunch at a small quayside restaurant. Would definitely recommend that.

zoe7 · 25/02/2002 19:52


Faith · 25/02/2002 21:39

Hi, we took our twins to Dalyan when they were three, and had a great time. We did attempt the siesta plan, but failed totally...Late nights are probably inevitable. It was very hot, but we all seem to thrive on that...just plastered dd's with high factor sun screen and insisted on hats. One of our best days was hiring a boat with friends, drifting round the lake, having a long relaxing lunch in a shady, remote hotel garden. everyone was extremely child friendly...I hope you like Turkish delight! Shop and stall-holders kept giving pieces to dd's, who don't like to be polite...I had to keep eating it! We did find that the tiles in the bathroom and the areas around the pools got incredibly slippery...I reccommend taking 'jellies' or similar non-slip footwear. Sadly Turkey is very much more developed than when I first visited 20 years ago, with the inevitable drawbacks that brings. However despite the exposure to some of the less pleasant British tourists (and we saw some incredibly rude and unpleasant people, fortunately a minority) Turkish people remain unfailingly courteous and welcoming. we loved every moment. Hope you have a brilliant time!

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