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Longhaul holidays

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bells2 · 04/02/2002 12:03

Just wondered if anyone had thoughts on Dubai as a holiday destination for toddlers?. To put it midly it is a long way removed from our usual choice of holiday but we want to go somewhere hot and the hotels look fantastically luxurious for the price. Our son would live the Wild Wadi water park but we wondered if we would be bored if we went for a week. Our daughter will be 3 months so also wondered whether the heat would be too much or if there would be likely to be lots of shade by the pool / beach.

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SueW · 04/02/2002 13:24

Jumeira (sp?) Beach Hotel comes highly recommended by a mum at school who went last year and also in the Amex brochure we've just had through where it rates it 'Highly Recommended' for children.

March/April are the best times to go I've been told (they have a shoppping festival in early March if retail therapy is your thing). Short trip from the airport to the resort/hotel/beach only 20 mins.

The mum I talked to at school is going at Easter when she expects it to be about 90F/30C - pretty hot.

We thought about stopping over when we came back from Oz in August but when we landed at Dubai were glad we'd decided not to. 36C at 6am - ouch!

If you do go, I'd love to hear another account of it. It seems to be gaining in popularity quite rapidly and I'd quite like to go before it gets over-run (maybe next winter).

Rhiannon · 04/02/2002 14:01

I know 2 families that have been and both loved it. R

Mooma · 04/02/2002 15:02

I know it's not quite answering your question about a holiday, but we lived in Dubai for 3.5 yrs when our children were tiny, and they just loved it. They all loved swimming and wadi-bashing, the people (mainly expats-you don't meet many locals) were friendly and the quality of life was very high. It's not a place to visit if you're a culture-vulture who loves architecture and local customs, but it can't be beaten for sun and luxury.
We would love to go back for a holiday, but with 4 kids the cost is a bit steep! One day...

Mooma · 04/02/2002 15:04

bells2 -just to add that when I was looking in to taking the family to Dubai, I came across a site called which had some extremely competitive city and beach hotel packages. Click on 'Dubai specials'.

bells2 · 11/02/2002 14:01

Cheers for your comments. We have taken the plunge and booked a week at the Jumeirah Beach hotel. I am sure our son will love it!. Will give a full review on our return.

OP posts:
Alibubbles · 11/02/2002 16:35

Bells2....lucky you, have a great time! I love the Jumeirah Beach hotel and I love Dubai even more!

SueW · 01/03/2002 20:15

Bells, for some up-to-date info (Dec 2001) on Dubai from an expat mum have a look at It has details of soft play areas, what to do with the kids and recommended restaurants, mainly towards the end after the blurb about what it's like to live out there.

Tinkerbell · 05/03/2002 14:56

What's the weather in Dubai like in November? We are looking to book something then (with ds who will be about 18months by then). Someone recommended Mauritius too...anyone been there or got any views?????

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