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Are you on half term?

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KMG · 19/02/2002 21:56

Planning to do day trip to London on Friday, but NHM website said they expect to be busy, as it's half term. Our half term was last week. I would love to know who is or is not on half term, of those in London, or within easy reach. Ta

OP posts:
bells2 · 20/02/2002 10:50

Well half term for the schools I know of in London was definitely last week.

callie · 20/02/2002 10:57

Iam on half term now up here in Liverpool!

SueW · 20/02/2002 11:50

We've just had friends to visit from Surrey and they are on half term this week. We're in Derbyshire LEA so we're also on hols this week.

Notts however were on holiday last week, as were Berkshire, IIRC.

sis · 20/02/2002 11:55

Some areas in London do have half term this week.

Tigermoth · 20/02/2002 13:47

It's half-term time for us in sunny South London. KMG, I think some confusion over dates might arise if private schools have different holiday dates to state schools. Just a thought.

janh · 20/02/2002 13:50

Lancashire was last week.
This is a very strange term!

callie · 20/02/2002 14:08

Janh wereabouts in Lancashire are you?

callie · 20/02/2002 14:10

Off the subject but does anyone know when Easter is this yr and when do the schools breakup for that.

Alibubbles · 20/02/2002 14:28

We are on half term this week (Herts) my sisters two were last week, Sussex and Suffolk. It was crazy breaking up on the 8th Feb for half term , they only went back to school on the 10th Jan!

Our Easter hols are 22 March to 16th April. My DD has just got her National Insurance number, scary, she could leave school at Easter, but she's not, She's doing 10 GCSE's and going on to do Maths Physic, French and German A levels

The summer hols are the longest, break on 5th July and go back on 9th Sept!

callie · 20/02/2002 14:38

Alibubbles, Thats just like my ds school. They always break up really early for summer to.

Paula1 · 20/02/2002 14:39

Alibubbles - is that a private school? seems quite long hols.

Alibubbles · 20/02/2002 18:22

Yes Paula1, they are private schools. They also get two weeks at October half term, I'd rather it was this half term, so we could go skiing for longer. I always end up taking them off school for two days, naughty I know, I always get a snotty letter from the head, but I think, hang on a minute, I'm paying for their education and my daughter is a straight A student, but we go to Whistler in Canada and the flight is so long, you need the extra time.

SueW · 20/02/2002 19:11

Alibubbles - our shcoll hos are similar to yours. Easter is 27 Mar - 22 April, one week at the beginning of June and then 5 July - 4 Sept.

I'd love this haf term break (Lent Term) to be a 2-weeker for the same reason as you - to go skiing (or any holiday really) and it be restful.

We've been given the holiday dates in advance to July 2003 to ensure there are 'no misunderstandings' when parents are booking holidays.

State school hols here are 22 March - 8 April.

SueW · 20/02/2002 19:12

Need a spell check - sorry for the appalling mess of the last post. And I've only had a couple of sips of a glass of wine so no decent excuse

callie · 20/02/2002 19:55

Alibubbles! my son and dh are going to Whistler on March 2nd!!
They normally go to Chamonix.They do snowboarding though. I will stay at home with dd this time!!

janh · 20/02/2002 20:19

Callie - Ribble Valley!
SueW's dates for Easter are the same as ours.
Half-term is a week later than usual this year, for the Jubilee - first week of June rather than last week of may - so the first half of next term will be 8 weeks, I think.

Alibubbles · 20/02/2002 20:25

Callie, I hope they have a great time, we all love Whistler. DD(15) and DS(14) we have been going every year fro the last 8 years, sometimes twice a year. We have invested in a property out there. I sent my son to Austria this week on a last minute with PGL (the teen holiday specialists,) he is also going to Stowe at Easter with the school. Lucky thing will have skied 3 times this year!!

Judging by your latest news, you won't be skiing for a while, good luck with the new babe!

KMG · 20/02/2002 21:28

Thanks for all your responses! You're great.

Janh - yes next half term is 8 weeks .. that's ridicuous, the children will be shattered. I can't wait for this new system of six 'terms' of equal length, spread over the year, rather than letting Easter mess everything up.

OP posts:
SueW · 21/02/2002 01:04

A school up here is introducing 4 terms next year. Not sure how that's going to work but when we were in Australia last year the system was also 4 term. One long summer i.e. Xmas, holiday, 2 weeks at each of Easter, early July and end of September/early October. This meant each term was approximately 2 months/8 weeks which seems horrifying to us but is the norm there. There were also public holidays which the schools were out on (just the single day).

This is state school - private schools over there have longer hols just as they do here.

Paula1 · 22/02/2002 09:54

Hey Alibubbles, We have been researching Whistler for our next ski hol (having just returned from this years one!!). I'm a North America Ski fan too, Colorado 9 times, Park City and Whistler once each. I did go to Whistler once in 1993 in the middle of Feb, and the only thing I can remember about it was that for 1 week of the 2 we had thick wet cloud on the mountain at the bottom, so you'd have snow at the top and rain at the bottom, so you would get absolutely soaked when you skiied down the mountain. Was I just unlucky or is this common there? Also, as ds is due to start prep school in Sep we're thinking that we'll have to go at Easter as he'll get 3 weeks off then - have you ever been as late as Easter? How is the snow and the weather then? I think that it has changed hugely since I went in 93 as I see that there are all different areas now, Upper Village, Creekside etc... Not sure where I stayed - it was called the Nancy Green Lodge but I think it has changed its name now? Have you ever used the child care there?

KMG · 23/02/2002 18:25

Ok some advice - don't go anywhere near South Kensington when ANYONE is on half term! We've been to the museums several times before - OK mostly before they were free, but always midweek. I have never seen anything like what we experienced on Friday - it was HEAVING. It was very hard to get my son to actually focus on anything, because it was so crowded, so busy, and so noisy! If you possibly can, go midweek - pre-schoolers can get a lot out of these museums - basement at the Science Museum is great fun, but I dread to think what it was like yesterday!

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