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How child friendly is Yosemite National Park?

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LadyP · 26/02/2004 20:21

Anyone been with their children? In particular toddlers?

Hoping to go and see a friend who lives in San Diego for a couple of days and trying to think of things to do with the rest of the time.

So any ideas about travelling with kids in California would be great, but would really like info on Yosemite.

BTW, not sure of the distance between things and how big California is, so any info would be appreciated.....

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helenmh · 27/02/2004 08:47

We went 10 years ago when my children were 2 and a 3 month year old. We were there overnight from San Francisco. We had a great time.The two year old liked the signs about not leaving your pizza remains ouside because of the bears. it was beautiful scenery. Places we visited- San Francisco( a bit far from Yosemite)- Golden Gate park, Baker beach and pier 69 to see the sea lions. The coast between san francisco and Los Angeles was nice- Big Sur, Monterey-which has a great aquarium. We stayed in Santa Barbara- nice beaches, zoo. We didnt make it to San Diego but I have heard good reports. California is huge. You may even want to consider cheap internal flights. We spent 3 months there and didnt see a fraction of it. Try and get hold of a book called California with kids- I think it is published by Frommer.

helenmh · 27/02/2004 08:48

Sorry I eant to say san francisco was a bit far from San Diego

katierocket · 27/02/2004 09:07

we drove from LA to SF on Highway 101 (going through San Louis Obisbo (sp?), Big Sur etc, then through Yosemite, Death Valley back to LA. It took 3 weeks and was the best holiday ever ever! Scenary is fantastic. BUT I didn't have children then. The distances are quite big but obviously all cars air conditioned and there is lots to stop off and see.

Yosemite is totally awesome and beautiful and I'm sure the children would love it.
Have a look here at their website - there is a secion about activities for kids

I'm really jealous now just thinking about it.

LadyP · 27/02/2004 18:07

Thanks for the responses.

Now will jusy have to convince DH that DS will be fine on the long flight over....:0

OP posts:
hedghog · 28/02/2004 23:42

Hi LadyP,
We visited California last Easter with our children aged 5 and 8. We flew into San Francisco and spent 4 nights there. We took a one day coach trip to Yosemite. The tour company picked us up from our hotel and dropped us back there too. It's about a 3 hour drive each way from central San Francisco as I recall, although we had other people to pick up/drop off en route. The kids found the travelling quite boring. The Park is beautiful, amazing scenary, waterfalls etc. We only had a few hours there so the boys were happy just running around, climbing trees, playing in the snow etc. We had lunch at the cafe there. It is possible to stay overnight in Yosemite - there are several motel/hotels. From SF we flew to San Diego for 5 nights, then drove up to Los Angeles (Venice Beach to be precise) for 3 nights from where we visited Hollywood, Beverly Hills etc and then we drove across to Las Vegas (fantastic! my favourite part of our trip and the children loved it too) where we stayed 3 nights before flying back to SF and home to the UK. Check out the California discussion forums at Any other questions please ask.

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