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whats the name of the park at Scarborough with the little train that takes you to the North beach??

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ssd · 13/07/2006 10:24

Is it Peasbody park?

anyone know the postcode?

I'm trying to find a route on the AA website and can't!

OP posts:

YellowFeathers · 13/07/2006 10:25

Peasholme park.


Squarer · 13/07/2006 10:37

YO12 7TS is the postcode of a hotel opposite Peasholm Park on Columbus Ravine. Think you will see it from there!


ssd · 13/07/2006 10:53


OP posts:

mummy115 · 27/07/2006 17:03

the train is just outside peasholme park and takes you through the open air gardens to scalby mills.we go on it quite alot its great for kids.peasholme park has putting and boats.dont know the postcode though but i know the train diver!!


roisin · 27/07/2006 17:16

Peasholme Park! That takes me back. Nostalgia
Can we reminisce? I used to find that big water slide thing terrifying. Is it still there?

Waffles on the beach anyone?

Is the North beach the posh one? My grandma only ever allowed us to go to one of the beaches, because the other was far too tacky and common

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