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Anyone know Bristol?

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batey · 23/02/2004 16:11

We're off to Hi-5 on sat and I'm getting more and more peed off with trying to find the Hippodrome on Mulii/street map. All I want to know is can we walk from the train station to the hippodrome or is it too far? Or can we get a cab there and will it be easy to get a cab back. Anyone know???

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musica · 23/02/2004 16:13

It's a fair walk with children. You can get lots of buses though. I think number 8 or 9 will take you there from the station, and they're pretty frequent. Anyway, it's the bus which goes from the station, and that will take you into the centre. The road system is awful round there, so I don't know where the actual bus stop is, but anywhere in the centre would be fine for the Hippodrome.

Hope you have a good time!

momof2 · 23/02/2004 16:15

You can walk from the train station to the Hippodrome, but I think its about a 30 min walk with kids (perhaps I walked slow??) Taxi's are always easier, might cost about a fiver.
Think there is a bus - used to be the no8/9 in my day(some 10 years ago)
Personally I would get the taxi, purely because the roads are very busy around Templemeads and I am bone idle

momof2 · 23/02/2004 16:16

Hoorah, I was right about the bus number!!

Podmog · 23/02/2004 16:20

Message withdrawn

batey · 23/02/2004 16:28

Wow, 10mins and I get all the info I need! Hoorah for Mumsnet!!! Thanks.

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